Is Obama a Muslim? No

I’m a little more disgusted with the world today.  I have been hearing about the emails floating around accusing Obama of being a Muslim, refusing to take the oath on a bible, refusing to salute the flag, etc…  Who believes these things?  I can only assume it’s the same people sending money to Nigerian Generals.  

But today I posted a comment on a Wired article regarding some questions raised in the debate.  The first response I get is from some ignorant ass named Matt.  Matt says:

Oh and sorry Ed’ I don’t vote for muslims or anyone who thinks Louis Farrakahn is someone to be respected. Farrakahn is an unamerican punk who deserves to have his throat slit in times square.  Remember, he was the one that called for the Death of Malcom X, after Malcolm turned from Islam to Christianity .

Who the hell let’s these people on the Internet and why are they not relegated to looking at inbreeding porn sites?  I didn’t even know where to begin tackling such crap, or if I should, so I simple responded that Obama is not a Muslim and that he should get his facts straight.  But then I get this response from someone who at least is ashamed of themselves to use an anonymous name:

“@ed shull Your right hes not but one of his parents are and he’s an atheist that admitted to using drugs.” 

So now I guess we should defend being the child of a Muslim as well.  Obviously this is assuming that being a Muslim is something you should have to defend against in the first place.  Which obviously it’s not, and the fact that people are concerned about this is the sign of ignorance.

And I guess the fact that he admitted using drugs when he was young is a deal breaker.  The fact that our current President admitted to doing drugs in his youth, and even Clinton (almost) admits to doing drugs (he didn’t inhale, which is it’s own stupid comment) doesn’t seem to matter.

I was wondering why Obama is having a rough time, but now I see there are a lot more ignorant, racist a-holes than I thought.  Let’s all do what we can to take things in the other direction, or we may be stuck with Hillary, Queen of the Ignorant.

Keep in mind that polls show that the more educated the voter, the more likely they are to vote for Obama.  And just in case you’re now certain on this, Obama is not a muslim.  His father, who walked out on him at 2, was a muslim.  Obama has been a member to the same church for over 20 years.  He was married to his wife there, his children where baptized there, and he attends nearly every weekend (when not busy with his work.  Obama admitted to doing drugs, when he was young, in his first book.  Since we have a former drug addict now for a president, and the one before that “didn’t inhale”, I think we can look beyond that teen discretion.

The fact is that the Clintons have turn up every rock trying to find dirt on Obama.  The best they could find is that one of his over 750,000 contributers was recently inditcted for being a slum lord.  Keep in mind that this is a guy that also has a picture of himself standing with the Clintons at a fund raiser.  Obama actually donated that mans politcal contributions to a charity just to no be tainted by the money.

Since the Clintons can’t find anything real, the help spread these false allegations because someone hears it through an email or blog post, then goes and mentions it to someone at the water cooler, who then tells their friend, who then tells other people, etc…  If you’re one of many who has been duped into one of these lies, do research for yourself.  Check out actual news sites, check out Obama’s site or his church.  Then take action against the people who would manipulate democracy through lies and racial ignorance.  And note that you don’t see these types of allegations coming from the Obama camp about the Clintons.
And just a reminder about Bill Clinton and his remarks about Obama.  Bill Clinton is a liar.  Just ask his wife.

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  1. I think what people get our confused Obama isn’t a muslim, hes just involved in a congregation which is Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian.

    Taken from his own churchs website: which i must admit is badly designed.

    Many People have said this isn’t Obama’s Church but on his bio page it does say its the church he and hs family attend.

    See Link bottom paragraph:

    No I’m not a political genius but to one it would look like Ombama’s church is black only & how can one bring peace and unity with this mindset?

  2. Russ, I think you bring up a valid point. I know for a fact that this is Obama’s church and it does appear to not only lack racial diversity, but seems to even discourage it. Surely if John Edwards belonged to a church that was “unashamedly white”, people would take issue with that. And one can argue that the choice of ones church goes a long way in reflecting ones deepest beliefs.

    That being said I’m not sure how much it personally concerns me. I don’t feel Senator Obama is racist, and I’m not really concerned about any specific issues this would effect.

    I’m not very religious, but I agree that I wish his church was sending out a more encouraging message on racial diversity.

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