Gamepal gets accounts banned

Gamepal gets account banned

Update: I’m challenging Gamepal to prove they don’t get every account banned.  Checkout my Gamepal challenge to see if they accept.

I am an infrequent World of Warcraft player. I usually just play with my son when we have some free time in the evenings. But because he plays a lot more than I get the chance, I’m always lagging behind in levels. So when someone told me about a service through a company called Gamepal that will have someone else play your character when you’re not playing, that sounded great. For a few bucks I could have them play my character and catch up to my son’s level.

I hired the company to take my level 27 rouge to level 40. A small jump by the looks of most of their orders. I paid $49 for this service through Paypal.

I checked my account the next day, and I was already at level 30. That’s much better than I could have done. But on the following day I got a frantic call from my cousin, the person who refered me to Gamepal. He said I should cancel the service ASAP because his WoW account was just banned. So, when I returned home, I checked my account and saw that I was still active at level 34. I logged onto Gamepal’s chat system and canceled my account. I also quickly changed my password so they could no longer log in.

The next day I went to log in to play with my son, and sure enough I got the following message:

You World of Warcraft account has been closed.

I checked my email and saw this discouraging information

Offense: Use of Third Party Automation Software

This account has been found to have employed third party software
designed to automate many aspects of the World of Warcraft game play
experience. Such software runs contrary to the essence of World of Warcraft
and provides an advantage over other players. In addition, use of this
software can lead to exploitation and destabilization of the World of
Warcraft server economy. As such, this account has been closed and will
not be reopened under any circumstances. The recurring subscription on
the account has been disabled to prevent further charges.

Please review the World of Warcraft Terms of Use at, which you
accepted when you installed World of Warcraft and established the account(s).
Section 2, Paragraph C details the limitations of game play
modifications and use of any third-party or “packet sniffing”‚software. In
addition, Section 3, Paragraph C, parts iii and iv restrict the use of any
hack, scripting or macroing software which obtains information from
World of Warcraft to gain a competitive advantage over other players.

Any disputes or questions concerning this account action can only be
addressed by the World of Warcraft Account Administration department. To
learn more about how Account Administration is able to assist you,
please visit us at

Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter and
respecting our position and all statutes within the World of Warcraft Terms of


Account Administration
Blizzard Entertainment

This means that not only did I not move up a few levels, but the entire character that I have had for 18 months is gone.

So, what do you think Gamepal’s stance is on this? I’m sure you can guess, I’m just SOL. Now when I go to the chat, I’m blown off by being told, “You should have read our terms and conditions before signing up.” 

But before I signed up, I logged on to their chat and asked them if there was any chance I could get in trouble from Blizzard for this. There response was just that it was going to be someone who is very good at leveling playing my character, and that it was not a violation. But as it ends up, the violation I’m actually being banned for is that their player was using some sort of automated software to play the game. Which I guess explains how they can level up so quickly.

I did some further digging and discovered this post on

According to this gentleman, he purchased a ready made character account for $400, and less then a month later, the account was re-claimed by the owner. Once again Gamepal’s response to this was that he is SOL.

It seems Gamepal is good at taking money, they offer many ways to pay them through Google, Paypal, etc…, but not so good at following through on their promise to deliver the goods.

I have sent emails to them, which will obviously fall on deaf ears. So at this point all I can do is provide a cautionary tale to those who are considering using Gamepal. If you are considering making a purchase through them, be aware that everyone I have heard from, and seen from my research has been screwed by them. I cannot find any happy customers. And when they do take your money, Paypal really doesn’t offer my recourse in the situation. My advice, do not use the Gamepal service at all.
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  1. Ramon,

    In Gamepals defense, being a business owner in this industry and also knowning Gamepals owners and talking with Eric on a few occusasion. I don’t think that the owners of Gamepal are trying to screw anyone.

    Now when you get to the size of Gamepal, you are dependant on your middle level management to deal with the day to day operation. And it seems that Gamepal is having and issue with their customer service department. I’m sure if you talked directly with Eric, AJ or Joe that they would resolve the issue quickly.

    Now there are other things also to consider and that’s dropped orders. PayPal has a bug that will take your money and if there is allot of lag, drop the IPN and the order. 🙁

    So your order is never posted on the sellers website and they don’t know that you paid. Everyone I know deals with this issue and that’s why we’ve coded this into our site to notify me when it happens. So I can refund the customer from PayPal otherwise, I never would know about it untill the customer asked why we haven’t processed their order. 🙁

    If Gamepal or any other site says they have no record of your order. Just tell them to check their paypal records and you’ll see money was sent. Give them your email address and tell them the IPN was dropped.

    They can do a quick search on paypal and see they indeed did get paid and can quickly refund you.

  2. I’ve never purchased Power Leveling because I’m quite an active player, but I have made a few gold purchases. I believe the first site I used was Team-VIP on one of my first characters for 100g, which was huge at the time. Got the gold fairly quickly in mail and was satisfied. It was a while ago, though, so my memory is hazy.

    Nowadays, the process doesn’t seem half as easy. The addition of the one hour wait time when sending stuff through the in game mailbox has led to GMs taking the money before it arrives. So I would personally never order from anywhere that did not offer a Face to Face delivery option. So stay away from as I did not receive gold from them, though apparently they did send it.

    The last few purchases I’ve made have been through They’re apparently one of the bigger companies out there. All of the purchases have been for 1,000g. The problem I have with these guys is how long it takes. Also, they need a more clear cut delivery system. On their website, nothing moves past processing yet the order is apparently, “Flagged, priority delivery.” They then have an option where you click, “I am online,” and they expect you to stick around a major city for 3 hours to wait for your face to face delivery that is not guaranteed to happen. I seriously have dozens of “sorry we could not meet your delivery in the alloted time frame” emails from them. I did receive my gold eventually, though, the fist couple times. Still agonizingly waiting for my delivery on my new character on a different server.

    I guess the point is, I wish there were a company out there that was quick as in 30-60 minutes of order. Sometimes you just want to be impulsive and order the gold and have it ready to go. As it is now I feel less like a valued, paying customer and more like a number.

  3. Well i finally decided to give powerleveling a spin once again, after 4 failed (and banned) attempts from some provider i cant even remember around a year ago.

    So I have this account that i created to be the 5th try but never quite made it due to me giving up on the powerleveling idea. this was around a year ago, made 1 priest, got it to 12 then included game time ran out and never played it again, so the account is not exactly a new account but its not decked with chars either.

    ok on to buisness, I slapped a 60 day game time card on it, its got a different adress/email/phone than any of my other accounts (including the failed banned ones), all this from my laptop on a cybercafe with my brothers name so i cant possibly be nailed from association (and if i do JFC blizz really needs a life… as i have no idea how anything short of tracking my computers serial number from dell to find out i own it would “associate” me).

    Now for phase 2, i ordered a 1-60 job from FSF, low risk, Ill keep everyone posted as to how it goes around every 10 levels should also help gauge speed, the accounts is preety much as much as anyone can get an account to still have your last name but not be related in any way, if this fails im going to shoot myself.

    I hope it works out as planned.


    W O W….

    Ok not 51 minutes after i placed the order and payed, The char is already online and already level 3… GOD DAMN…

    Ok so far this has been by far the most amazing response time ive ever seen.. EVER on ANY service… id wish gold was this fast….


    Paid, instantly got a “your information does not check out, this is normal” email, seems this was promptly resolved and without any need for me to take any action, the mail said it was because my paypal does not match my FSF account (which was intended actually i use diff mails for my paypal)

    51 mins later…

    “We have started your order!”

    First thought was.. LOL yeah right ive seen that one before, so skeptical (as tipically you get this mail when they put you on the PL que and not when someone actually starts leveling your char) i log on to find… not only is the order INDEED started, its already level 3…. wow..

    Odd thing about the whole process.. (which you might wanna reconsider revising) BEFORE you even pay the site wants you to submit all your account information, from extensive reading on the net and this forum i was confident enough to provide this information to them without feeling i would get scammed, this was after all a blank account, however if i was a new customer or someone that was not familiar with FSF i would have NEVER given my info before any sort of official transaction would have been made…

    Basically assuming you do not know FSFs reputation. whats stopping them from saying “ohh whoops there hass been an “error” in your shopping cart information please try again later, you then try to log in and find your info has been changed and all your stuff stolen (assuming it wasnt a blank account), you might wanna reconsider the whole process steps its really brutal, especially to skeptical customers, other than that it worked and went just fine.

    I added a special request regarding some quests i did not want the PLer completing, i will also post on the status of those and see if this was respected at all.

    So far FSF has a solid 11 on my book. didnt just meet the expectations, it exceeded them, lets hope it stays that way.

    I will monitor and keep you guys updated.

  5. Update, well i logged back on this morning to check out if i had been banned overnight (which has happened before) and alas i am not…. all is good.

    I found 2 emails in my mailbox from FSF, dreading the worst i clicked expecting to see “were sorry blizzard has owned you” and i was wrong, it seems it was just something saying “Grats your char is now level 10”

    Checked if char was online, but it wasnt, so basically it must have done a 8-10 hour shift then logged, really amazing, i cant exactly tell char level since its not showing up on armory and its not online but it was level 6 just as i logged last night so im guessing it should be around level 14 or so by now, will update when I get more info.

    So far so good.

  6. Char offline, last i saw he was chillin questing in barrens, from his armory i can tell he is questing, altho… using a 2 spirit BOE ring from a JC… well lol i guess its part of the deal, preety good tho, he buys stuff off the AH, quests, everythign a normal person should do, and most importantly doesnt play like a bot (play times). sure its slow as hell but its totally worth it if it eventually works out.

    ATM level 22 and truckin good. ill keep posted

  7. LOL… I hope you are not logging into your account. Because the change of IPs back and forth can cause it to become flagged for account sharing. FYI

    Hehe, I found your order. 😀 I’ll try and watch your progress and see how it goes.

  8. lol ofcourse not… heck i dont even know the login info, its written on a paper somewhere in my desk just do i didnt even log in on it by accident.

    im using /who and armory to check up on where he is and what his gear is all this from another ip/account thats not tied my main ip just in case.

    Either way char is logged on atm level 24 questing in stonetalon.

    all good

  9. Alas… all good things must come to an end….

    At 3:45 CST, I logged on to my machine to find:

    [email protected] to you


    This is a notification regarding the World of Warcraft account XXXXXXXXXXX. Access to this account has been temporarily disabled for exploitation of the World of Warcraft economy or for being associated to accounts which have been closed for intended exploitation. Based on a review of the information presented, this World of Warcraft account has been given a final warning and a 72 hour account suspension, in addition to any previous warnings issued. Until the suspension has been lifted, the account will not be accessible. Please note that Blizzard Entertainment will be unable to provide further information regarding the specific time an account will become accessible again.

    With that being said, we have reset the password to the World of Warcraft account XXXXXXXXXXXX. Please use the new password that has been sent to your registered e-mail address to log into the game client first. After you have successfully logged into the World of Warcraft, you may proceed to the Account Management page to set the password as you choose.

    It may take up to one day for our system to generate and send the temporary password; your patience in this matter is appreciated. If you have not received a temporary password within one day of receiving this message, please check your inbox.


    Im assuming it wasnt a permanent ban because the guys over at fsf didnt use any bots or exploits HOWEVER im preety sure the guy in charge of the leveling account sold off/sent/somehowcomunicated with another RMT concentrator account and when that account got slammed this one was also shot up by association, prolly not banned since it seemed like this account sold, them, money more so than, this account being owned by them.

    At any rate im a little bit dissapointed that instead of keeping/selling/giving away all the items so that the owners account couldnt get nailed by association they instead chose to make more of a profit by selling the farmed goods collected during the leveling of the account, and in the process risk the customers account and in this case getting it a final warning. (which makes it unusable, since a /report will probably get you a permaban now) but its allright the account was made for that sole purpose… to be discardable it would suck if it were a 70 full account.

    A couple of things id ask fsf to consider:

    i dont blame you for trying to sell the farmed items, you need to make a profit in every way you can, and its not like you can store 60 levels worth of goods in the bank, you have to get rid of them… somehow…

    however sending them off to a RMT concentrator account is NOT the best way to go about doing this… this puts the customers account at risk at expense of a few more profits to your company.

    Ive been thinking, and basically the guy playing the account risked the $50 dollar account just so he could get what? 2500 gold sold tops?

    If i would have given an option to KEEP the 2500g farmed once the account is done leveling and pay up the extra price i would have….

    I much rather pay a small fee and avoid the chance of my account getting banned by association than the 50-60 bucks i would have saved off the powerleveling price by selling the farmed goods to lower the cost of the powerleveling.

    Remember the only thing that distiguishes a company in this business is how likely are they to get banned, only stupid people go with which one has the cheapest price… cheap in this business generally = guaranteed ban, because to be cheap they cut corners somewhere, and cutting corners gets you noticed and that gets you banned.

    Anyway im not going to bash at FSF, im not sure whos fault it is that the farmer in charge broke the #1 rule of powerleveling, NEVER COMMUNICATE WITH ANY OTHER “DIRTY” ACCOUNTS WHILE ON YOUR CUSTOMERS ACCOUNTS. but whats done is done.

    Ill wait here to see if FSF can delve into the matter and see how exactly this happened and find ways to avoid it from happening again, for now my faith in powerleveling is basically done for.

    On the bright side…

    Im glad it actually made it to an “ok” level bracket and its cool ill finish the grind myself from here i dont mind 50-70.

    In conclusion… it was a good shot, they did by far get farther than any other pl service ive ever seen and when they did get banned it was only a temp ban… so all in all you could “technically” say it was a “success”

    Il wait 1 week, then log on and xfer the char off that account into another “clean” account and finish the leveling there, altho having to spend 50 bucks on another set of wow disks is not the exact idea of an outcome i had in mind… but either way it works out.

    I hope my experience helps others in weighting the risks of PL and what you should take into consideration when hiring these services.

  10. To close the chapter:

    after the whole deal they offered to refund 6.34 dollars for the 7 levels that didnt get leveled up, i thought this was too low and did some math regarding how much time they took to level to where they got and how long more they woulda taken to get to the target mark, it came out to 31.56, they said this was too high and said they couldnt offer more than 20, figuring its fine i took them up on this, refund was recieved promply (2 days but its ok thats not their issue)

    After some investigation they determined their VPN provider failed them at one point and by accident they logged on from a different IP location which flagged/banned the account and they were going to work on preventing this from happening again.

  11. Sorry bro. Your account and a couple others all got suspended but our Hosting companies VPN server crashed. They set us up on a new server and forgot to mention it’s a new IP.

    So within a couple of days the accounts being leveled accross the new server got suspended. 🙁

    But IP switching will always get you nailed and that’s why I’m upset about the whole thing because if we knew. I would have sent ya all an email letting you know we need to stop for 3-4 days.

  12. i have had a few Banned accounts or final warnening Make sure to use paypal…. when they dont wont to talk to ya figure you wont know what to do go put in a dispute on paypal they will do 1 of 2 thangs
    1. witch just was done the other day they will give you a complite refund.

    2 offer you some of the money back depends on witch tyoe dispute you put in

  13. i hate to rain on your parade but the use of RMT services on most popular mmorpg’s is a no no. i cant feel bad for anyone that got accounts banned when you knew the risk. do not for one second make any claim about the website taking responsibilty for your lost account when you know that power leveling, currency/character buying violates the ToS. YOU TOOK THE RISK, YOU PAY THE PRICE

  14. I will say this and say only once!! Using, any third party companies to exploit, hack, or cheat for you is an offence to the Blizzard Entertainment CO., and therefore any such derogatory actions will lead you not only to be suspended but possibly banned… I am a ((GM)) who watches daily from a list of players given to me on a server, whom, I monitor and also the ones “deemed” high risk exploiters. What do you think, you won’t get caught!?

    Come on people read the Blizzard EULA. It clearly states no cheating, hacks, or exploits. It’s not Gamepals’ fault that the game administrators banned your account. Not only can third party companies steal your money, they can sell your account, steal what you have earned, and try to force more fraudulent charges to your paypal or credit card credentials. They can even try to hack the companies servers which will be not tolerated by any circumstances what-so-ever! If you want to cheat, get a game that doesn’t require an online subscription or envolve usage of the internet. Blizzard is not only protecting you as a player, but, other players from getting scammed by these fraudulant companies.

    Gampals’ use of exploitation ruins the game environment for all players. – I am saddened and ashamed why people don’t realize this and they continue to use these exploits. Don’t blame Gamepal, it is your fault, and we will ban, and we may also delete characters from servers if we have to in order to get the message across. We do not honor exploits, we do not honor hacks, and we most definantly dishonor cheating in anyway.

    If you have any questions about this please fill free to call us at 1-(949)-955-1382 8AM to 8PM Pacific Time, Monday to Friday. Or email us at [email protected].

  15. @JG-Comp – I think you’re missing the point of the post. The people complaining here, including myself, are not upset with Blizzard, we’re pissed that Gamepal promotes a service under different names that they know will likely get the customer banned. They promote the service, take the money and then proceed to screw up the account. And then they don’t even want to refund the money they took.

    It’s fine to say that we shouldn’t blame Blizzard, but we have every right to hold a company like Gamepal accountable when they take money and say they can deliver something that they can not.

  16. Ed, FYI

    Gamepal has more or less shutdown. Lots of internal issues lead to them selling off parts of the company from what I heard.

    But I wouldn’t even worry about gamepal any more because there are bigger issues going on in the industry.

    Swagvault an old company has switched to botting the past few months. I was told because of Thsale dropping their prices to $65 for 1-60 and $140 for 1-70. Thsale has always botted but kept their prices @ market.

    Because of this move, it’s driving big companies like SV to switch to compete. But that’s just the PL market. So right now botting is becoming a major issue and I don’t see it getting any better.

  17. I have tried a couple of PL Services before and these two sites have fulfilled their end of the bargain.

    Past: – 1-70 huntard, 300/300 profs, FPs, plus 1500g

    – they got me there good alright, but i did receive a 72-hour suspension, which was most probably caused by them grabbing gold from a colleague on a flagged IP. because the warning was received on the final day when my toon was already 70 and everything was complete.

    Current: – 1-70 shaman, paladin, and priest. all are good right now. levels 44, 43, and 32 respectively. *crosses fingers*

  18. I love it that a gm would post on here.First off i dont see how you can acuse someone of cheating to have thier toon lved.If i pay the monthly charge whats it to you who lvs my toon how is that cheating how is that an expoit.Well mabe i dont have the time to lv my toon up i work a real job.So i pay another player to lv my toon for me and to all the people who cry that im cheating im exploiting are just mad becouse i can aford to do so.Sorry for ranting but i think gms should make better use of there time like helping people who realy need it.

  19. My advice is not really about power leveling, but about resolving complaints against companies. I don’t think the BBB will really do anything other than contact the company and note that you complained. If this company is in NC and you really want to resolve the issue, try filing a complaint with the State Attorney General’s office. I have dealt with them in the past and they have been very helpful. You can find consumer complaint forms on their web page:
    Anyway, good luck with resolutions to all of those who have had problems. Also have any of you heard of ? They are fairly popular lately and basically post consumer complaints such as this.

  20. i recently got a email from

    My name is Tim, I am part of the fraud department for GamePal Inc. ( .

    We are currently experiencing problems with the account you exchanged with us in the past as the password to this account has been changed and or reset on us after we sent payment for this account. Please refer to the 4 accounts above.

    Recently it has come to our attention you are selling an enormous amount of accounts. We have 4 accounts sold to us in the past that are no longer working. We need these issues resolved before we can proceed with you.

    Please note this email is extended to you as a courtesy to resolve the issue as it can take no more than 5 minutes to resolve the issue. If this email is ignored, it will be forwarded over to collections which once they begin the process, we cannot assist you any further.

    We highly suggest you email us back as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,

    Tim W.
    Recovery Team

    i have no idea we are in 2008 these accounts are from 2007 they just email me this any clue should i even listen to these people?

  21. Just ignore them. Virtual goods are in a grey area because we do not own the property and according to the EULA’s we can’t even sell or share them.

    As long as you are not scamming people by selling and recalling accounts. Just ignore it, I know it sounds harsh but there are so many reasons why an account can have issues. Normally it’s the fualt of the new buyer, for sharing the information, key loggers or just trying to scam the company.

    As a reseller of virtual goods, I deal with this all the time and it’s very dishearting. Most likely gamepal sold the account and the money was recalled and the customer changed the info. So now they are trying to get it back and unable to do so. So they are coming to you to try and recall the account.

    Just ignore it and there is nothing they can really do.

  22. thank you for confirming this its just shocking after 1 year they email me saying oh i cant log lol. just crazy should of kept updated but thank you 🙂 have a good day

  23. Hey guys I don’t know if this is still being checked anyways heres an update for 2008

    I ordered a PL from wowmine (I’ve bought gold from them and all transactions have been very good in the past) I decided to give there PL a go, They have good CS but this time they screwed up. They had one of there “Professional” PL’s level my account for 22 hrs straight (BOT for sure) I noticed this the first time when i created a trial account that the PL was obviously botting. Wowmine told me that it was not a BOT. So me being stupid as i am left them to it. 2 Days later, at level 28 my account receives a suspension. I tell them i’d like my money back and they refuse. I kept pestering them to refund me but they someone convinced me that the order would be taken care of there BEST PL and would compensate me with more gold on the order. I agreed (stupid me). at level 41 i Received an email from Blizzard stating the account was banned. Took a claim with paypal rejected they don’t cover virtual goods (i’d classify it as a service tho) Anyway i had to go back to wowmine who would only refund me HALF the payment, i agreed and now here i am.

    NOW im trying a NEW company which i wont disclose here who have 100% account safety and OFFER FULL refund of the order if it was banned. ATM its level 14 and has been leveled for 10-12 hrs or so (its there policy to level for no more than 12 hrs) Customer service is a breeze and everything is sweet atm i’ll let you know how it goes

  24. Lucky,

    I thought the exact same thing as you did. GamePal sent me a collections notice in my email. I didn’t respond to it. About two weeks later, collections started calling me so I ignored it. Things were fine until they actually disable all your game accounts, NOT JUST THE ONE YOU SOLD THEM! As well, yes they apply this huge debt to your credit which screwed me up completely as I can’t order any new cc’s and I end up losing money paying higher insurance etc. On top of that, they filed a CC chargeback and it froze my paypal account completely because of a negative balance. So now im out an account, no money, and the credit is still on my report which i am trying to get off and waiting for them to get back with me.

    So I learned my lesson not to screw with a domestic company so be careful. Basically don’t attempt to scam gamepal because it will bite you in the back later, and you end up losing and gaining nothing out of it.

  25. the thing is i didnt scam them its been a year since i sold those accounts. just now they send me a email saying they cant access the accounts i just think its stupid they didnt contact me earlier or anything. but i dont understand how they apply huge debt to your cc by doing chargebacks on your paypal ? Oh and another thing i reply to there email and no one reply back to me just sent me that 1 email and i sent like 4-5 emails no reply yet … these guys are scammers .

  26. hey lucky i had a similar thing happen to me. i sold them an account close to two years ago and they sent me an e-mail very similar to yours saying that they couldn’t access the account. Long story short its on my credit report now and is becoming a huge pain in the ass. This company is pathetic in every single aspect of customer service.

  27. Yea funny part is they still have 2 of my accounts and havent paid me for them because they cant access these accounts from a year ago. They dont reply to there email either so yea GG and i dont understand how u have it on ur credit. i talk to paypal and they said its been a year and not to worry about it.

  28. i have had one account banned with gamepal. I never had a problem
    with buying gold. The PL thing seems to be at your own risk if it
    5=7 levels you will prolly only get a 72 hour suspension much more
    you get banned.
    I have not used gamepal for about 2 yra now and just reciently
    place an order = are horrible at respondibf to emails and most of
    the time they have only 1 person on there live chat for all 3 areas.

    gamepal is the master of stalling you and making you wait = one
    i placed an order for gold that was advertised cheap they stalled
    the order and they refused to honor the gold price which they
    doubled 2 days later – I got a delivery with half the gold I was
    I have used other sites for PL with similar issues.
    I i have used gamepal for COV, EQ.EQ2.guildwars and never had a
    problem. WOW just polices much closer. In there policy they are
    supposed to WARN you first with a 72 hour suspension but they
    seem to run a system report around the last week of the month.
    so if you gain 40 levels before to report being run they consider it
    a major violation a not warn you just ban you.
    WOW are just a bunch of hard asses on this PL stuff the other game
    i mentioned dont care. I dont see what the big deal is you are
    paying a monthly fee – they should just warn you and give you a
    30 days suspension not bann you or take you levels away or just
    make you start over.

  29. I just got this today after the last post i made i have not heard from them till now… what do you think i should do.

    My name is Tim, I am part of the fraud department for GamePal Inc. ( .

    We are currently experiencing problems with the account you exchanged with us in the past as the password to this account has been changed and or reset on us after we sent payment for this account.

    After our recent investigation, we have solid evidence proving that you did indeed reset the password to this account. Please note, that when you exchanged this account through our website, you agreed to relinquish ownership of it. We don’t want to hear any excuses from you, because there is no reason you’d make multiple emails if you were legit. There is no reason you’d attempt to sell the merchandise 3 times in a row. You are fraud, and we plan to get justice unless this is resolved.

    In order to resolve this issue, we ask that you return the following account information or return the payment

    1). Account Password


    1). Return the payment 30% to paypal email address [email protected]

    If you believe this issue is not your fault, we simply ask that you contact game support to provide us with the reset password to the account so we can conclude this matter. There should be no issues contacting game support to get retrieve this password, and if you are confused on how to do this, we can provide you with the appropriate information to retrieve this.


    1). We will immediately report this account to a GM (Game Master) who we communicate with daily via email who will disable the account permeantly. Any other accounts associated to you as well will be disabled if we locate them.
    2). We will forward the claims over to our collections agency. We previously recorded your registration, billing, IP’s, and additional information through iovation support which we will provide them with (we have enough information, no additional information is needed) . Collections wil then bill you for the following
    – Full Retail Price ($3600)- Total price of the account lost as a result of it not being delivered to the customer
    – Purchase Price ($729)- Total payment we sent you.
    – Collections/Restocking Fee (30% Added To Total) – Total fees collections will apply

    If we are unable to recover the funds, we will file a dispute with our credit card company (we have two years to file with our credit card) which will lock your paypal account, and prevent you from using paypal in the future. All payments we send are done by credit card so either way you’re going to lose the payment we sent you but you will also be billed the additional amount, and we will disable the account if need be.

    If collections feels the issues needs to be handled in court (which it commonly handles multiple claims per week), you will pay these additional expenses
    – You will have to fly out to North Carolina to appear in court
    – Court Fees
    – Damages done as a result of your actions
    – Attorney Fees
    – Additional Fees Court Requires (some cases, they may add x amount)

    We are not some chinese company, we are a legit american based global business, and we are emailing you as a you as a courtesy to resolve the issue as it can take no more than 5 minutes to resolve the issue.

    If this email is ignored, it will be forwarded over to collections which once they begin the process, we cannot assist you any further.

    We highly suggest you email us back as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,

    Tim W.
    Recovery Team

  30. Hi Ed and everyone else here!

    Okay, so I happened to find gamepal before I found this blog. I just wanted to sell my hubby’s Conan account…he has moved onto Warhammer.

    And I am reading all the powerlevel nightmare stories, scrolling down, not really thinking this applies to me…and then BAM! I get to these latest entries where people who have sold characters to gamepal have been contacted UP TO A YEAR OR SO LATER and are being asked for the password to an account the sold? And are getting bad ratings on their credit score because gamepal is holding them responsible after the sale?

    So, I am still in the official “72 hour waiting period” where you give them your user name and password and they “verify” the info on the account. The have not sent me a paypal payment. I have emailed [email protected] and told them I no longer want to sell my character. I am going to say a little prayer that I have not opened pandora’s box here…and that it will be just as easy as stopping this now before I become a nightmare story.

    Hey Ed, thanks for being here for us all and giving us a place to come with questions, etc.

  31. While moving the site, a few comments got lost in the transition. This comment came in from someone named Jon:

    I attempted to sell one of my WoW characters to for $275.
    After 24 hours no payment had been made to my paypal account. I contacted live support and was told they did not have access to the information. After an email to was ignored I immediately contacted Blizzard and reported my account stolen. I was one of the lucky ones, I got the account back in the condition I left it. Now after several months finally responded saying I owe then $2195 for defaulting on our agreement. It is almost laughable, they have an “lawyer” calling me from New Jersey from and unlisted cell phone number attempting to collect my “debt”. Avoid and all of their other fronts like the plague.

  32. Dont play with middle man, they get profits but keep betray us with their policies. Lets talk to their manager and see how they act in game before do more business with them. I’m personally choose, littlepeon2004 are nice too

  33. hi
    hear my story in nutshell 0n 5-16-08 i bought wow account from for 350 bucks thru paypal . account came with 4-70 horde characters and 30 others on other servers from 60 to 1 great account love it ! asked them for all info on it and then the fun began here is some back ground on account all 70’s got epic gear & 3 have epic flying mounts and 4th had 5000gold waiting to buy the last one ! now for the fun they change login& password two days after i request info they promise ! so i e-mail them about 100 times went as far as get on live -chat line held it hostage for 2 1/2 hours until their manager send e-mail to account dept next thing i know i’m offer replacement account of 500 bucks top ceiling . all this time the account has not been use and all characters are where i moved them. two days after i take new account with only 1-70 and 15 others between 69 to 1 and about 2000 gold too and 1 eipc flying mount . now here comes more fun two days after i get new account the old one goes active and 3 of the 70’s are move or resold ! so i called them on it tell them i want know how this happen when they are only ones with info and account is safe 100% from being stolen? before this they said they have none of the info account cause it over two years since they bought it ! but just yesterday i get a e-mail telling they sorry and account managers are working on it ! i know same old line over and over well i’m still waiting see what happens ooh they told me company under new management and not a part of gamepal or gamewar but funny thing i get e-mails from the same guy who handle my 1st account funny humm !
    i keep you posted on what happens ! told them i want better deal not 100% satifaction hasn’t been met yet ! same account on sell now will cost 1800 dollars and i want at least that much or i will take them to court!


  34. hi i just been goin over e-mails over the last year or so and see that both gamepal ,gamewar and yes oloot all saying they are under new mangament as of middle of 2007 ! i read kristi,anonymous ,seisem who are currently or former employees of these companies ! here what find is the real problem with these companies on these chats lines make statements we are not doing this or that but have they offer to help anyone on this chat line ? yes as read above my account was taken back and yes i’m angry about! but this happen in july this year after these compaines went under new management . i was told just last week that is under another company . ooh yes as i said they allow me to pick out new account as long its not over 500 dollars .but here the deal employees of these companies your big chance to helpful and not part of problem the account id no. to account loss is 118852 ! i was so happy the day i got this account cause the druid which was reason i wanted it took over as main tank for my high raid guild allowing us to move closer end game raids and t6 gear for guild!! well that was short lived as login/password changed .
    i wondered why and was something that i had done ? then i got replacement account and then i saw writing on the wall they had made mistaken on selling account for that price and took back so they break it up sell for more monies cause i believe as is that account was worth well over 2000 dollars ! if i’m wrong prove it oloot or gamepal cause your parent company at the time!
    i was told over and over by your managers that all accounts are protected from hacking and orginal owner take back and guess what you are only ones with that info cause you wouldn’t give it to me even after i asked 50 times in e-mails !! SO MY CHALLANGE TO OLOOT/GAMEPAL IS TO PROVE TO ME YOU DIDN’T TAKE IT BACK AND THAT YOU DIDN’T BREAK UP THAT ACCOUNT TO MAKE MORE MONIES !! OOH AND BIG QUESTION DID YOU FARM OFF EVERYTHING I PUT ON THAT ACCOUNT OVER MONTH AND HALF I USE IT !! come on you employees of gamepal oloot that say your company is good and not ripping off people in e-mails on this chat lines prove it to me! show me your company pride get back my account or prove that your company didn’t take it ! and those very few people who have had good luck with gamepal guess what i have use gamepal for years to and have bought accounts gold ,plat !!
    here my last thoughts goin back to days of mysupersales which up to a year ago always was quick and offer great service and very little trouble to the flag ship now that is so slow you need pound stakes in ground to see them move !! i know your going say only cause you got to many customers well people that will change very quickly with way things are today you will have fewer customers then employees very soon trust me!!


  35. I sold my old Eve online account through them on the 18th of september and today I had an email from Paypal to say

    Notification of Deferred Dispute: Case no.PP-xxxxxxxx

    Dear Adam Dresch,

    We are contacting you to let you know that one of your buyers recently
    visited the Resolution Centre and attempted to open a dispute against a
    payment. The buyer wished to dispute the payment sent on 18 Sep 2008
    (Transaction xxxxxxxxxx). This dispute has been deferred because it
    was not opened within 45 days of payment.

    Although this dispute is not eligible for negotiation in the Resolution
    Centre, we have noted that the buyer was dissatisfied with this transaction.

    We encourage you to work directly with the buyer to resolve this matter and
    take this opportunity to provide customer service as you see fit.

    Thank you,


    I have no idea why either, I didn’t get any complaints when I sold them my account.

  36. Much the same as this blog states, I have been ripped off by Level4Game in the same way. I paid $139US for a level 1-70 service with all flight points, 2 proffs to 375, and 1st aid to 375. They took ages to level the toon to 60, then stopped. Weeks went by and all my numerous emails went unanswered. I should mention that during the levelling time my account was cancelled twice for spamming mail. I finally logged in to check and my toon had been used to spam ppl for gold and levelling services, no proffs had been started and the whole UI was a mess. I opened a dispute through Paypal and the emails started to get replies. Level4Game agreed to finish my order plus give me 5000 Gold if I closed the dispute, and only if I closed the dispute. I stupidly did so and here I am weeks later still no more levelling of my toon and no emails getting answered. LEVEL4GAME RIP YOU OFF AND HAVE EXTREMELY POOR CLIENT SERVICE DO NOT USE THEM.

  37. I to, had problems with Gamepal
    I sold them my eve online account back in September for $100
    They quoted the price, I accepted, they logged in to the account, verified it, changed the password and then sent payment
    Less then a month later, they reversed payment through Paypal claiming “Non delivery of goods”, so now I’m out of $100
    They ignore ALL emails and communication attempts and there’s a TON of horror stories around the net of them scamming others, not to mention threatning people.

  38. Well i see alot of Negative comments. Im here for a good one.
    About 17 days ago i bought levels 1-80 , I was so scared ti was going to get banned. But
    Right now it is level 78, and going strong. So, so far nothing has gone wrong, i will be using gamepal again.
    Although not to buy an account.

    • I am having problems with Gamepal ( right now. They are not answering my emails and email is the only way to contact them. I purchased an account from Gamepal, Inc. (account information is accessable by me on the Gamepal website) about 1 and a half years ago. I did it only because they advertise a 100% Lifetime Guarantee not once, but twice on the site. I did everything that they recommend on their site to keep the account safe.

      I requested the account information (secret word) and email change on the account right after purchase (they tell you they will do this on their website), I received an email saying new purchasers had to wait 30 days for the info to be released. I contacted them on numerous occasions after 30 days to release the info to me and change the email on the account. Every time I was told that it would be done, but it never was. Even though I did not receive the promised info and email change, I played the account fine until just about two weeks ago.
      See next few posts for more

      • After I informed Gamepal I had opened a complaint with the BBB I received an email telling me they were working on the issue and to close the BBB complaint. I declined and told Gamepal I would close the complaint once my issue had been settled. I then received an email from Robert Lane informing me that they would not assist me or have any contact with me regarding my account issue until I closed the BBB complaint. He said I had gone against the terms and conditions by filing a complaint. I had filed against Gamepal Inc., I guess they are not Gamepal Inc. even though I purchased the account from Gamepal Inc. and my account info is on their page, the website is the same, emails I received from Gamepal, Inc. use the same email address, they are not Gamepal Inc. This is a quote from the email I received.

        "A final reminder, we will not assist, or communicate with anyone in regards to your complaint unless all issues have been closed. If any communication is provided, our legal firm will be the point of all communication.

        Please notify us when the issues have been closed. "

        • Since it had been 1 week since my account had been made unplayable and I only wanted it settled, I closed the BBB complaint. It has been 6 days since I closed the BBB complaint and I informed Gamepal of the closure. I have sent numerous emails asking for some word on the progress of my account recovery and I have heard nothing from them.
          I am at loss as what to do next. I have given Gamepal every opportunity to do the right thing I have complied with their requests and followed their recommendations and they chose to not assist me.

          More in other posts

  39. Automated emails I receive boast about their customer service when they talk about selling accounts (see quote below)

    “Offering live chat and 24/7 email support, we strive to offer the best customer service possible. Customer service comes first as we want gamers to enjoy their experience with GamePal. We are a very friendly and trustworthy USA company that promises to never take advantage of you, our valued customers.

    Operation Office: Raleigh, NC USA
    Marketing and Financial Offices: Grand Rapids, MI USA
    Customer Support Office: San Francisco, CA USA
    Any additional questions, feel free to send us back an email so we can assist you more in depth.

    More in other post

  40. Their operation office is located in Raleigh, NC…hmmmm. Where is the Delaware office info? In fact nothing I can see says anything about Delaware. I do see that there operation office is in Raleigh, NC, the same Raleigh, NC that Gamepal, Inc. is located in. The same Gamepal, Inc. that shows when you look up the owner of the website address.

    If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it. I only know I either turn this over to the BBB or my attorney at this point. It seems that since I closed my BBB complaint against Gamepal, Inc., the Account Recovery Team at Gamepal has lost interest in me and my issue.

    So I leave it up to you readers to judge whether Gamepal is a company you can believe in. As for me, I have lost my belief that they will do what they promise and guarantee. I presume they will just ignore me indefinitely. They may be assisting me, but I would not know since the have not communicated with me in 6 days.

  41. I know alot of people who have had there accounts banned for powerleveling. it isnt always bots. blizzard can tell when you use diffrent IPs so if you are playin normally in Californa or somethin and the Company is in NYC they seet that somone is playing alot of hours in not your area and asume its a bot. ban your account. you sign a blizz contract that states you cant be logging in all over the place in diffrent areas and contrys they can tell. iv emailed them back before said i did nothing and they gave my account back

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