Ferrari vs. Lamborghini: A Lifestyle Choice

Lamborghini vs Ferrari
More than just two separate cars, the choice between Ferrari and Lamborghini represents a lifestyle choice.

Being the simpleton I am, I break the world into two different and distinct camps; Ferrari and Lamborghini.   See both are Italian super-cars, but they are in fact very different.  

The Lamborghini is a big engine thrown into a highly tuned vehicle designed to shock and awe spectators.   In fact the arguably most famous Lamborghini, the Countach literally translates into Wow, which was the typical response when someone was first shown the vehicle.

But Ferrari is a bit more subtle.   One gets the feeling of separation of church and state when it comes to the beautiful lines of the body and the monster engine that propels it.   Every curve, every line, every detail of the Ferrari makes the car more efficient and a pure model of elegance.

If you have had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of these two type of cars, you will notice 2 very distinct driving experiences.   Even watching the cars perform, one can feel the power of the Lamborghini, but be memorized by the elegant motion of the Ferrari.

I have applied this to different parts of life.   For example, Armani is a Ferrari, while Versace is a Lamborghini.   Jay McInerney is a Ferrari, and Brett Easton Ellis is a Lamborghini.   And while the Bellagio features a Lamborghini restaurant, the Wynn has an actual Ferrari dealership.

As one could likely determine from above, I lean more towards being a Ferrari fan myself.   I have driven both the Lamborghini Countach and a Lamborghini Diablo, and I have also driven the the Ferrari Testarossa, a Ferrari 456GT, a Ferrari 328 and a Ferrari Mondial.   I can state without a doubt that while the Lamborghini turned slightly more heads, and always felt like it had more power than I was ever allowed to spend, driving a Ferrari is unlike anything I have ever driven.   It’s like piloting a personal piece of art.   I felt like one with the vehicle, which is why I love them so much.

So it stands to reason I also love Armani and Jay McInerney, and I think the Wynn is the most beautiful building to grace the Las Vegas Strip.   I have Ferrari taste, but how about you?

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