Sony HD Camcorder Projector

Sony HD Camcorder Projector
The new Sony HD Camcorder Projector lets you preview your movie on up to 60 inches of screen.

Film making has come easier ever since video came on the scene.   I’m old enough to remember people filming events on their little cameras and sending the film to be developed.   The along came standards like VHS, and you could just pop the video you just shot into a VCR and enjoy.   Can’t get any easier than that, right?   Well it turns out it gets a lot easier.   Check out the Sony HD Camcorder Projector.  

How many people are content to just shot some video and watch or share it, many want to spruce it up, or splice some parts together.   This was a near impossible task in the days of VHS.   But with Digital Camcorder, things became much easier, thank in large part to video editing software like iMove from Apple.   Things took a turn for the better with HD, which gets rid of the tapes, where really felt archaic in a digital world.

But with the Sony HD Camcorder Projector, you can now share your project directly onto a screen, or even a white wall, up to 60 inches in size.   Imagine shooting a project and being able to see some of your shots on something much bigger than the 3 inch screen usually provided by the camcorder manufacturer.   And of course it shoots in 1080p.

At $900, this is priced middle-of-the-road for good HD  camcorders, and not a bad price at all for a Sony.

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