Victoria Beckham Gets Technical

Victoria Beckham and her new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Victoria Beckham used her well known style to help Land Rover with the new Range Rover Evoque.

As a women in a man’s world, it’s a refreshing change to see a woman’s point of view on design contribute to the auto industry. Victoria Beckham has recently gone from fashion designers to auto designer.  Introducing Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque.

Throughout Beckham building her way through the fashion industry as a renowned designer and model, she has also recently been awarded the executive design position for Range Rover, during the 40th Range Rover anniversary at London’s Kensington Palace.

It’s no doubt that Victoria Beckham’s style will attribute to the design team. Beckham’s knowledge on trends and design will be a pleasant change of pace for the automobile industry. Considering most men control automobile design teams, Beckham’s support will add a woman’s touch.

Beckham’s contributions to the design team will create a new view of women and from women as she helps design the newest Range Rover, The Evoque; the all original Evoque will be present at this Septembers Paris Motor Show. Range Rover has began to stray away from their traditional SUV designs and Beckham has definitely changed the company for the better.

Throughout the world, almost everyone is in search of the latest and newest design and technology. The Evoque will definitely not let you down if you qualify as one of those people. The Evoque will add a sleek compact SUV design to Range Rovers usual distinct characteristics.

As someone who finds herself interested in sportier, sleek designed cars, I would not normally be attracted to the traditional choppier style of the classic Range Rovers and Land Rovers. Although, I find myself extremely drawn to Range Rovers change in design and up keep with the sleeker styles.

Nowadays standing out in the automobile industry helps business greatly. In Beckhams case, It seems as though standing out as a woman in design will give Range Rover a new view and appeal towards diverse buyers. Not to mention the publicity Beckham will give to Range Rover.

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