Turbine-Powered Batmobile

Turbine powered Batmobile
Casey Putsch has built the turbine-powered Batmobile we have been waiting for. Now we just need more original criminals.

Everyone must think about it at some point.   I don’t quite have Bruce Wayne money, but I could lay down enough cash to get myself some body armor and cool gadgets.   No doubt I would need to spend some serious time in a gym.   But I think I could do it; I could be Batman.   And now, thanks to a guy named Casey Putsch, I know where to get my wheels.

That’s right, Casey Putsch, owner of Putsch Racing, and evidently the chief mechanic for the Justice League, has made the first turbine-powered Batmobile!   I know you’re looking at the picture and complaining that it’s the Tim Burton Batmobile, but let’s face it, it was the cooler Batmobile, at least until the new one gave birth to a motorcycle, that was pretty slick.

I’m not knocking Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, the film was the Godfather of superhero movies, but I did really love the world Tim Burton created for Batman and Batman Returns.   Anyway, back to the Batcave.

The car is a replica of the 1989 movie with Michael Keaton and uses a BOeing turbine engine that was once used in a drone Navy helicopter.   I couldn’t find the actual speed, but considering the thing pumps out 385 horsepower, and only weighs 2800 pounds, I imagine it’s pretty fast.

The interior is pretty sparse, and not quite as sleek at the movie version.   But it does sport an iPad in the interior, so you can play Angry Birds while stuck in traffic.

This is a one off by Putsch, so it’s not currently for sale.   Which seems silly unless he has Putsch has the outfit to go with it.

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