Domino’s Pizza advertised a promotion that was expecting to run for two months, starting on August 31, but the promotion quickly backfired. The promotion was ultimately canceled only five days in after the company’s social media was flooded with people proudly displaying their new Domino’s tattoos in hopes of free pizza.

The advertisement was strictly for Russia and promised up to 100 free Domino’s pizzas every year for life, Business Insider noted. All you needed to do was tattoo the company’s logo, then post it to social media and prove the authenticity of the ink.

The company clearly didn’t realize how many Domino’s pizza fans are out there and definitely didn’t expect so many fans to go as far as getting a tattoo of its logo for free pizza. Due to the large number of participants, Domino’s ended the promotion on Tuesday, announcing that only the first 350 people with tattoos will be granted free pizza for life.

Domino’s even notified those who were in the process of getting the logo tattooed or planning to do so in the near future: “An urgent message to all those sitting at the tattoo artist’s right now: We’ll include you in the list of participants, but we’re waiting for photos up to midday today,” Domino’s said in a message on the company’s Vkontakte page.“To those with appointments scheduled for later, we recommend canceling them,” the company added.

More tattoos include:

According to Bon Appetit, Domino’s is not the first to offer such a wild idea. Restaurants all over the country, like San Francisco’s Casa Sanchez and Sturbridge, MA’s B.T.’s Smokehouse also offered free food if customers tattooed large logos of the company on their body. These two companies in particular, added more rules than Domino’s. B.T.’s Smokehouse required “larger than three inches” and Casa Sanchez said four square inches to be eligible for free food.

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