Tesla’s wireless smartphone charger quickly went out of stock late last month, but the company recently informed customers that the popular charger will be returning again to its online store. The wireless charger was originally priced at $65 before it went out of stock and will now be sold for nearly $15 cheaper due to Tesla citing a larger manufacturing quantity as the reason for the price drop. The wireless smartphone charger is currently for sale, though it’s expected to sell out soon given the high demand.

Several who already own a wireless charger began posting the email provided by Tesla on Twitter Monday, suggesting that it would soon appear on the online store again. The device originally went on sale through Tesla’s website in late August at $65, according to The Verge. The charger features a sleek and Apple-like design that comes in two color choices, white or black. There is a 6,000 mAh battery for charging and 5W of output.

The email wrote: “Due to strong customer demand, we’ll be reintroducing the sold-out Tesla Wireless Charger. By producing higher quantities, we’re able to lower the cost to $49.”

Nick Statt, a contributor to The Verge, commented on Tesla’s charger saying, “Those specs aren’t stellar, considering you can get larger capacity chargers with twice the rate of charging output for less money on Amazon.” He adds, “But given the Tesla brand appeal — and the fact that this was a wireless charger (although it includes an integrated USB-C plug and USB-A port for standard charging) — it makes sense that it sold out fast. Plus, it’s a very nice-looking gadget.”

Within Tesla’s email, the company also offered a refund of $16 plus local sales tax, for all current owners who purchased the headphones at the original price. A piece of the email regarding current customers wrote: “Early adopters like you, who paid $65 for the charger, will automatically receive a refund of $16 (plus local sales tax).” The email ended by writing, “This amount will be refunded to the credit card associated with your order number: 206136.”

On Tuesday, one day after initially alerting existing Tesla charger owners through email, the company re-listed the item on its website and the reduced price.

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