Irony Takes a Bite

More proof that #1, Australia has more things to kill you than anywhere else in the world, and #2, some deaths are more ironic than others.

Brian Guest, a man who has activly foguth for the conservation of sharks in Australia, including the infamous Great White Shark, was killed by a… you got it, a shark!  

The 51 year-old, father of three had been looking for crabs with his 24-year-old son Daniel Guest when he was attacked by a shark.   Daniel said he could hear his father’s screams.  

No one should have to die like that, and I am no way trying to make light of the tragic death of a man in front of his son.   But the irony of a man working to conserve sharks, being eaten by a shark is too much to not note.  

Shark attacks seems to be more common in Australia than anywhere else in the world.   so it takes an extra good guy to defend sharks there.


  1. Oh that poor man. I have always thought that it would be wonderful to scuba dive around the Great Barrier Reef, but maybe I should rethink that. The Crocodile Hunter died a few years ago from a stingray’s barb and this guy was attacked by a shark. Imagine all of the attacks that we haven’t heard about.

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