Nicky Arsenault Redefines the Wonderbra

Imagine you’re standing in line at a nightclub, and you and your friend cannot resist coming on to a couple hot chicks who are there with a group of thugs.   After you get your ass kicked, you would be thankful if someone like Nicky Arsenault was around.

This 19-year-old nursing assistant witnessed a couple guys being beaten when she was leaving the Calgary,  Back Alley Nightclub (only in Canada could that not be a gay bar), and ran over to help.   She said that there were up to 30 people standing around witnessing this and not interfering.   So Nicky took action.  

The action Nicky took included taking off her bra to help with one of the victims head wound.   In some weird way, I think this may count as getting to second base with Nicky.  

It should be mentioned that Arsenault was assisted by her Canadian military friend Paul Fitzgerald.   But Paul is not a cute 19-year-old girl, and presumably did not offer up a bra of his own, so he is simply heroic, not interesting.   Sorry Paul.

Nicky treated her victim until official medical help arrived.   Nicky, who is a nursing assistant at Bowcrest Care Centere, was given kudos by EMS spokesman Stuart Brideaux.   Brideaux said that they were “very appreciative to them”.   Clearly Stuart Brideaux is ashamed that his people retuned with all their undergarments in tact.  

As for the attackers, Nicky say they just got in their car and drove off.   They got away for now, but they can rest assured that when evil strikes, Nickey Arsenault and her healing lingerie of justice will be there to help those in need.   Seriously, someone should totally make a Nicky Arsenault comic.  

Nicky, if you ever feel like coming to Vegas, let me know.  You seem pretty damn cool, and I would feel safer with you around.

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