When in Las Vegas

I’m in vegas for a few days, mostly personal. I made the mistake of staying at the Luxor. The price was just to good to pass up. I won’t make that mistake again. From now on, it’s the Venetian or Wynn only. The Luxor just sucks.

I finally saw Blue Man Group, which I have been curious about. I heard it wasn’t good, but I thought it was cool. I guess I didn’t expect much, so I was easily impressed. I enjoyed it. I had dinner at Roy’s, which is usually pretty good. I had lunch earlier at a great Dim Sum place in the Venetian, next to the Blue Man Group theatre. It was really good and worth checking out on you’re next visit.

I also tried an Oxygen bar. I know that sounds lame, but you can only see something so many times before you start to get curios. It was lame. I didn’t really notice anything. Maybe unlike the Blue Man Group, I expected too much.

I’m going to be playing in a couple poker tournaments while I’m here. I figure I’ll try the poker rooms at the Venetian and the Golden Nugget. I doubt I’ll do well, but I’m curious to see how well I’ll hold up.

I did get some inside info on a long disputed argument between my friends and I. A very cool cab driver has added his two cents that the girls at the Palms are hands down hotter than the girls at Mandalay Bay. But he did agree that it was a pretty good argument. He did not mention the girls at Luxor, which I think was wise.

I’m now heading to look at a couple places here in Vegas. I’m thinking about buying a condo in one of the high rise casino properties, so I’m checking out the Palms and the Wynn. I’m also going to look at a couple houses.

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