Another Day in Vegas

I’m hitting a lot of the casino on this trip. Even though I come here a couple times per year, it’s usually for a conference or meeting, so I don’t get to look around much. This time I got a chance to really check some places out. I walked through the Bellagio, Caesars, MGM Grand, Excalibur, New York New York, Monte Carlo, and I’m heading to the Wynn tonight for dinner. I have been to some of these before, but it’s been a while.

I went to look at a couple homes in Lake Las Vegas. The homes were okay, but I don’t think the area is for me. It’s one of those golf areas where they charge a premium so you can live on a golf course. I don’t play golf, so it would probably be wasted on me. Plus, I couldn’t stand the woman agent at the place. Her and this other woman were just evil looking women. They of course try to qualify me as a prospect, which as a business person who does sales, I totally get. But they were just so transparent. And when they found out what I did for a living, I literally thought venom was going to start dripping from their middle aged jowls.

We rented a car. We asked for a convertible, assuming we would get a Sebring. You know what they say about assumptions? Well, we looked like asses in our stupid PT Cruiser. Who buys this car? I have come to the conclusion that the same people who buy futons. Young people looking to be different because they have learned any better yet.

I did see something of note here at the Luxor. Ever since Dateline put an ultraviolet light to hotel comforters, I have been paranoid about them. But I saw the staff here actually bring them to the wash in the Luxor. So they must clean theirs, although I imagine it’s only in between guests. Don’t get me wrong, these still look awful. They look like they have enough germs and bacteria growing on them to be part of the Christopher Columbus line of linens. But then again this hotel is getting old and needs a major overhaul.

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