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If you have ever been to Phoenix in July, then you know it’s not the optimal time to enjoy the city.  I had to fly out for a meeting in our offices, but I decided to stay the weekend to hang out with some of the USWeb people there.

I have made it a tradition to always hook up with my friend Chris and grab some dinner and check out some clubs.  If you are ever in Phoenix, do yourself a big favor and check out Char‘sChar’s is a blues club in Phoenix which is amazingly good.  I have also had some success at the Rainbow Room, but Char’s is hands down the best blues club I have been to.  And if you really want to do it right, try to check it out on a Tuesday or Thursday when Lady J is playing.  It will change your life.

And if you’re looking for a good place to eat in Phoenix, try Ruth’s Chris or Oreganos.  These are my two favorite places to eat in Phoenix.  I must also give Pita Jungle an honorable mention, and those of you that have been there will know why.  I am forever in debt to my friend Rodrick for introducing me to that place.  He is a man with great taste.

This trip was a multi city event that also included a short trip to San Diego, where I got to hang out with Russ and his wife for dinner.  We went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, which is always amazing.  We have an internal argument over which steak house is better, Ruth’s Chris or Flemings.  I have to say that my vote, and also the vote of most the people at USWeb is that Ruth’s Chris is the better bet.  The week before I got to try out Manny’s in Minneapolis, which was pretty damn good as well.  They are definitely pretty serious about their steaks there. 

I had some downtime in between city’s so I got to catch up on some reading.  I got to finish up A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby.  It was fantastic.  Nick Hornby also wrote About A Boy and High Fidelity, (also wrote Fever Pitch, but I don’t think the US movie says a lot for him), but I am really looking forward to seeing how they do with a movie for A Long Way Down.

I’m looking forward to heading home.  I miss Michael and feel bad that I have been gone nearly a week.  I’m heading to Vegas next Sat. and will be gone for 5 days, and then I’m off to Houston for 2 days.  I’m going to try to take the remainder of July light and spend some of his summer with him. 

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