Using Blogo in WordPress

I’m always up for a good blogging tool, especially one that allows multiple platforms.

So when my friend Russ sent over the link to the TUAW post about Blogo, I figured it would be worth checking out. One of the items it includes is the ability to drag and drop images, which is great. If there is one area, besides security, where WordPress drops the ball, it’s easy image upload and formatting.


The BrainJuice, the makers of Blogo, allow you to try the software for 25 days without paying. So I downloaded Blogo to give it a try. The problem is, it doesn’t seem to work.

I tried to load up my WordPress posting in the edit fields, but the text won’t load up to edit. It also appears that the Preview mode doesn’t work. I’m typing this post in Blogo right now, which by the way doesn’t seem to include an auto-spell check feature, which sucks because even Firefox gives me that for the Web based admin. I’m having some serious doubts about this post working, but I have copied it in word in case it doesn’t.

I should also mention that you would lose a lot of features by doing posts in here. The ability to add a more tag, the ability to add Technorati tags, and I don’t see how you could embed a video into the post. Overall it looks like even if Blogo did work, it would strip out much of the core needs of posting a blog post. This essentially leaves you with a bulky Twitter client.

Some features I think would make Blogo useful, other than getting it to work, would be:

1. Work with SEO plugins to allow meta data and seperate title tag
2. Technorati tags
3. More tag
4. Embed video

Let me know if anyone else got this to work, or you know a system that would work well with WordPress and Drupal.


  1. For the record, I was able to upload my blog post through Blogo, but I had to go back in the admin tool to add the more tag, and correct some spelling errors I caught while adding the tag.

  2. Hi Ed,

    Sorry to hear about your issues with the editor not leaving your posts.

    Blogo uses the system spell-checker, which you can turn on in the Edit > Spelling menu.

    Video snippets can be cut and pasted from YouTube and positioned just like images.

    “More” tags can be added by inserting three hashes (###) on a single line. The preview window will show the separator as a grey bar.

    We are also working on more advanced and SEO-related features for the next release.

    Thanks again for trying Blogo, and we’ll have your editing issues worked out soon.

  3. Ed,

    From the help file itself.
    3.4 Separating Extended Text from the Introduction

    To post your article with an introduction and extended text, just add a line with three hash symbols (“###”) where you’d like the break to occur. Blogo will split the post before sending it to your blog, and insert the hashes again when you open it later for editing.

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