Choosing a Reputable Gold Dealer

I understand why someone would want to buy gold, not only is it shiny and glamorous but it is actually worth something. It is quite valuable in comparison to other precious metals. One could even say it is worth its weight in gold.

We are currently living in the golden age of the internet and with such immediate communication and hands on information at the fingertips of anyone across the world there are bound to be some scam artists especially when it comes to gold. Don’t get scammed, only go with a pro. My suggestion to you is to check out United States Gold Bureau (USGB).

Why do I like United States Gold Bureau you may ask? Well, because of their helpfulness. Say Jane Doe is a writer for a magazine and lands an article about investing in gold. Jane isn’t interested in investing in gold but suddenly finds herself needing to know more about the yellow metal and how to buy it. Jane only needs to call USGB, they are always happy to answer any questions even for those who are only interested in learning more about how to invest in gold.

When you are looking for a gold dealer it is important that you find a reputable one, check your reviews. It is so important to check reviews of your dealer before you deal with them. It doesn’t matter how nice they were to you on the phone or how long they have been in business. If they haven’t kept their current customers happy, they probably won’t keep you very happy either. United States Gold Bureau is not only experienced, with over 100 years of combined experience from their experts but they also have very good reviews, boasting an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). According to US Gold Bureau, 80% of their clients come back and do repeat business with them.

United States Gold Bureau distributes gold, silver and platinum coins. Their headquarters is currently located in Austin, TX. Visit their website, United States Gold Bureau, to learn more.


  1. Whatever dealer you choose, be very wary of buying numismatic coins – I'd focus just on bullion coins. Most of the dealers that advertise on talk-radio are pushing numismatic coins at 30 to 40% above numismatic value. Bullion coins are sold at the market rate of gold plus 1 or 2% fee. I'd stick to Krugerrands.

  2. I’ve bought twice from the “U.S. Gold Bureau”. The first coin was delivered promptly and I had no problems. The second coin didn’t arrive although my credit card was charged. I had to call them two times in order to get the coin delivered to me. It seems they “forgot” to process the delivery. I haven’t dealt with them after that. In my book that’s a 50% failure of order processing leading to the possibility of loss. Let alone, that we are dealing with gold here and too much money to be having “problems” of that nature.

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