Underwater Submarine Up For Rent

It seems like Sir Richard Branson wants everyone to live his lifestyle. First he put his makepeace island in Noosa, Australia up for rent.  Now his 3-person, open-cabin submarine, The Necker Nymph, is up for rent as well. Either Sir Richard Branson really wants us to get a glimpse of how he leaves or he is desperate for some extra dough. I cannot decide which.

I have been wanting to get my scuba license for a while now and you can bet that before I take that oh so needed vacation to Hawaii I will have it. Deep sea diving sounds like a whole lot of fun but also a whole lot of scary. I mean, I get freaked out enough just being in the lake not knowing what is swimming around next to me I cannot imagine having the whole ocean underneath me.

The Necker Nymph is Sir Branson’s luxury submarine. It can dive up to 30 meters underwater with a pretty impressive top speed of 6 knots. The submarine can stay under water for up to 2 hours. The open-cabin style submarine can seat 3 but one of those spots is reserved for your pilot. All the passengers would need to wear normal scuba breathing gear.

You can rent it yourself for just $2,500 per day. You can learn more or book your reservation here.

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