The Maple Tree in Las Vegas

A couple weeks ago while in a bar on Freemont, I was trying to decide where to grab a late bite to eat.   I was in the mood for something different.   For a town that supposed to have everything, Las Vegas fall surprisingly flat when search for a Monte Cristo sandwich.  

So I decided to give Cha-Cha a try.   “Where can I get a monte cristo sandwich in near the strip in las vegas?” I asked the person who is likely half way around the world, and has never heard of a Monte Cristo.   Within 3 minutes, I had my reply, The Maple Tree.

The Maple Tree is a small diner located in a mini-mall off the strip.   Unfortunately I should have been more specific to Cha-Cha and added “that is open at 3am”.   The Maple Tree closes at 2pm.   I found this out the hard way.

But today, after a frustrating doctors appointment, my girlfriend and I stopped off to grab a Monte Cristo.  

I will just cut to the point and say that I love this little place.   After you spend enough time eating at high-priced restaurants, you forget what good, normal food taste like.   The Monte Cristo was fantastic.   They offer it with either raspberry sauce or maple syrup.   I left the decisions up to my waitress, and she chose the raspberry.   It was really great.   Oh, and only $8.99!  

My girlfriend had French toast, eggs and sausage.   She loved all of it.   She is a big fan of breakfast, which is difficult because I don’t get out of bed until 10:30 at the earliest on weekends.   She thought the breakfast was well worth revisiting.  

I also have to mention the service.   I eat in some nice places, but I can’t remember the time I had such great service.   My girlfriends coffee was never not full, and the same can be said for my soda.   The waitress was friendly, fast and helpful.

If you’re visiting Las Vegas and looking for a place to chill out for breakfast after a hard night, this would do wonders to bring you back.  

Or if you just asking yourself “where can I get a monte cristo in las vegas?”, here is your answer.

The Maple Tree is located at 6000 Spring Mountain Road.   Their number is 702-362-5151.  


  1. I have been asking myself “where can I get a Monte Cristo in Las Vegas?” for quite awhile. I had my first Monte Cristo at a Vegas bar-ish place, that probably would have been open at 3 AM, and is now definitely open, for reason that will become clear, called "Play It Again Sam's." I made this discovery sometime around 1990. Unfortunatly, sometime in the mid to late 90's "Play It AGain Sam's" turned into a really dodgy strip club. They did claim to still serve food, but no Monte Cristo. I checked. Twice.

    The only other place I know of to get a Monte Cristo, prior to reading your post here, is Disneyland in the Blue Bayou restaurant. So here is hoping the Maple Tree can still deliver a Monte Cristo 2 years after you wrote this. Not the same one of course, it would be cold by now.

    • They are still around, and I'm sure still selling Monte Cristo's, it's a signature dish for them. Two things to keep in mind, the close early (2:30, I think) and they are not open on Monday's.

      And I'm in total agreement about Blue Bayou, it's my favorite restaurant. I have found memories from my childhood of sitting inside the Pirates ride eating an awesome Monte Cristo. I make my son go every time we're at Disneyland, which is often. Enjoy the sandwich and let us know what you think.

  2. I had a Monte Cristo at Blueberry Hill. It was not deep fried but strawberry preserves rocked. Unfortunately on a scale of 1-10 about a 4…Dave

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