The $1 Million Dollar Home Gym

If you ever wanted to know how supermodel Kate Moss keeps her flawless body the answer is working out. Now the Ms. Moss is building a home gym worth $1,397, 000.

If only we all had the physique of a supermodel. Not all of us have the drive, ambition, time or money to hit the gym every day. And not all of us are lucky enough to have a complete gym right in our homes. Sure you might find a treadmill here or there but certainly not a home gym valued at around $1,397,000, unless you’re Kate Moss.

The 37-year-old model resides in north London with her husband, rock-star Jamie Hince, and daughter. The home is currently worth $11.5 million. All of the upgrades and renovations she is planning are worth roughly $4.1 million. Upgrades include the home gym, steam room, third dressing room, security camera installation and a giant satellite dish for the roof.

One thing is for sure, her neighbors sure don’t seem very pleased about the idea;

“Kate lives in a blue plaque property, commemorating the fact that (J.B.) Preistly previously lived in it. As well as a tacky gym and steam room complex, there’s going to be a basement kitchen. I dread to imagine the kind of smells that will be wafting up.”

We assume that Ms. Moss is probably just trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I mean at 37-years-old she is nearing the 40 mark and that never makes anyone feel very good. Unless of course you’re a world-class supermodel with killer legs and a body to kill for.

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