New Water Park in Las Vegas

Back in my middle school and high school days I used to go to Wet n’ Wild in Las Vegas every day. It was my hangout and the only thing I wanted to do during the Summer. They closed down in 2004 after 20 years of business and Las Vegas has not seen another water park until now.

The Clark County Commissioners unanimously voted for the new 26-acre waterpark that will be built in the Summerlin Area near Fort Apache and Warm Springs. They say they are only a few months away from groundbreaking and are trying to keep the name of the new Las Vegas water park a secret. The county expects about 400 new jobs from the project: 200 to build the park and 200 to operate it.

I am hoping this park is on the same level as Wet n’ Wild with plenty of slides. There is supposed to be 30,000 square feet of water slides at the new waterpark and aquatic center in Las Vegas. There will also be jogging paths and a park in the front of the center. The project is supported by The Howard Hughes Company that has several other parks in Texas.

I for one am super excited about this project. I have missed Wet n’ Wild so much and I am very sad they closed down. It was the perfect place to go for a fun day during the Summer. It was a shame to see it close but hopefully this new Las Vegas waterpark will quench my thirst for a Summer swim.


    • as residents we need something in this town for us not only tourists
      glad its not on the srip, if it was it would be overpriced and overcrowded, go to the pools at your resort

    • I agree with you there. They should have put it where the old Wet N’ Wild was. There should have been plenty of room there. From what I understand it seems like the business owners in the area where they decided to put it really pushed to bring the project there.

  1. “…the Summerlin Area near Fort Apache and Warm Springs.” No such place. Is it in the Summerlin area, or near Fort Apache and Warm Springs? Can’t be both. Summerlin is nowhere near Fort Apache and Warm Springs.

  2. I found your comment very amusing. If you like rain then move to Ketchikan Ak. I was stationed ther for three years. It is a temperate rain forest and gets over 144 inches of rain a year. I think you would like it!

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