Real Life Zombie Attack

Still convinced that zombie apocalypse could happen? Feel like you need a zombie refresher to prepare for the coming brain-eat-a-thon? Run For Your Lives is opening up a 5k zombie obstacle course in Baltimore to prepare you for just that.

I love my zombies from The Walking Dead to Zombie Crawl. I am a huge fan of the brain-eaters. I have even shown you my zombie apocalypse stock pile. I especially love Halloween time when lots of real life zombie haunts open up. Imagine running around a warehouse with paintball guns while being chased by the walking dead. Sounds like my kind of Halloween party. But the newest trend is a 5k obstacle course full of zombie action.

The 5K will take place in Baltimore in October with (hopefully) more locations in 2012. Each contestant will be given a flag belt that represents your health. Lose all your flags and you are dead. Zombie actors will take your flags but fear not, there are health bonuses hidden throughout the trail that could save your life. Throughout the obstacle course are 12 natural obstacles to complete. You can choose not to complete an obstacle but you will not be eligible for any end-game prizes if you skip any. Medals will be awarded to the top three competitors in each age division.

This sounds like my kind of 5K. Get in shape, dodge brain eaters and stay alive. Oh yea, I am there. The lovely people over at Run For Your Lives even put together a pretty scary video. Enjoy.

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