Imperium Customized Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT has always been my dream car. If money was not an issue and I could have any car I wanted this Bentley would be it. Imperium is a world class company that is known for making high-end customized cars for the super wealthy. Their latest customized Bentley is for a wealthy entrepreneur from the UK.

The client requested something more aggressive and sportier than the original Bentley Continental GT and boy am I pleased. This thing is a beautiful cherry red and it resembles a luxury sports car. After the initial brief and a few concept sketches the Imperium design team narrowed the options down to just three conversion styles. These three styles were then combined into one oh so perfect final production design.

The customized Bentley Continental GT has some truly unique features. The front and rear apron have been upgraded. The design team added gorgeous exposed side skirts, a boot spoiler lip as well as a rear carbon fiber diffuser.

The design team did not skimp on the carbon fiber as it flows throughout the entire car making it ultra-light in weight. The wheels are ultra-light alloy wheels with a design personally selected by the client. The client also chose an optimized breaking system, ECU upgrade, lowered suspsion and a special exhaust system designed to maintain the perfect noise level.

Of course will all of the luxurious upgrades added to the exterior of the vehicle they could not leave the inside plain. The inside has been filled with carbon fiber to match the outside, leather upholstery, wooden trimmings, ultra-suede and a special bespoken steering wheel.

This is a truly special and unique car. I would not mind seeing it on the road one day or preferably in my driveway.

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