Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during a call with analysts Wednesday that the company is working on an insurance product, which will be launched is a month or so. “It will be much more compelling than anything else out there,” he said following its first-quarter earnings report.

Musk didn’t provide additional details, though it’s expected to place value on its Autopilot system, an advanced driver assistance system. According to Musk, Tesla has been sharing information with insurance companies regarding Autopilot. This information released is supposed to help reduce insurance rates, as TechCrunch reports.

“As we launch our own insurance product next month, we will certainly incorporate that information into the insurance rates,” Musk said. Tesla has an “information arbitrage opportunity,” he stated.

The company collects driving data, allowing the company direct knowledge of the risk profile of the driver, as well as the car. Companies have even begun offering programs, which give Tesla owners a discount if their electric vehicles are equipped with Autopilot.

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