Talk of the Town Strip Club in Las Vegas

Okay, if you’re looking for about as dive of a strip club as you can imagine, I present to you, Talk of the Town.   This place is located on Las Vegas Blvd., just a few block from the Stratosphere.  

It’s located in the back of an adult store.   Not behind the adult store, there is no rear entrance, but in the back.   You must walk through the store.

This place is about as ghetto as you can imagine.   It’s very small, dark and looks to be only locals there.   Most of the women do not have bodies that one would normally associate with being an exotic dance.   And that is putting it nicely.

There were a couple decent looking chicks in here.   One super hottie that really stood out seemed to be taken for the evening by a guy in a cowboy hat and wandering hands.   That left us with the  heifers.  

We took our leave about 30 minutes after getting there.   It wasn’t just the girls, but the shit sound system cranked up with their half-assed rap music was killing us.   Here’s a hint for you management over at Talk of the Town, there were just local white dudes in there, play some rock!   Oh, and cruise over to Best Buy and pick up a new $99 stereo.

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