Little Darlings Strip Club in Las Vegas

Some friends and I decided to check out a strip club while in Las Vegas.   Trying to avoid the tourist tax, we asked a waiter where the locals go to check out women.   He said we should check out the Little Darlings strip club on Western Ave.  

We asked him if there was anything special about the place, and he said that it was all nude.   I guess that makes it special.  

We hopped in a cab from Freemont and asked the cabbie to take us over to Little Darlings.   We asked if he knew where it was, and he said he did, but that Little Darlings was no good.   He said he could take us to a better club.

I have a little experience with this type of thing.   My friend drove a cab around Las Vegas for a long time, and he told me that cabbies get paid by certain “Gentleman Clubs” to drop off guests.   I’m assuming Little Darlings is not one of those clubs.

We told him we really wanted to go to Little Darlings.   The entire drive all we heard was how much this place was going to suck.   Finally we get there, and by this point we’re not even sure we should go in.   The cab driver mad it sound awful.   And Little Darlings does not exactly shine from the outside either.   It’s a run down building with a connected Adult Store.  

Anyway, we head inside and up to the cashier, which is a dude.   This throws me off a little because usually these clubs like to put a hot girl in front to collect the money.   The guy says he’ll give us the local rate, but we have to tip him and his buddy, a meaty looking dude standing by the rope.   We agree, not really knowing what the price is for non-locals, and he lets us in.   We tip them each $10.

We get in, and it looks to be a pretty amp’d up crows for a Wed. before Thanksgiving.   We have a seat in one of the side sections.   The waitress comes along, and that’s when we find out that the trade off for staring at completely nude women, is that you will be doing so sober.   There is no alcohol served in the club.   I remember thinking that this would be a great place to throw a bachelor party for a friend in AA.

So we get our sodas and water and watch the action.   The girls weren’t bad looking, and some were pretty amazing on the pole.   Yes, I really do think it’s a talent.   But the crowd is pretty ghetto.   It actually becomes a little offensive hearing what some of the guys are saying to these women.

One dude brought out his camera phone, only to be visited by security.   It looks like they just go through your phone and delete any pictures.   That must be a growing problem with every phone having a camera in it now.

Overall, the club was okay.   I guess we didn’t look like we had any cash, because the girls never came by to ask if we wanted a dance.   But it looked like it would be pretty cheap.  

If you’re trying to get away from the high priced strip clubs on the Strip, you may want to check this place out.   But drink up before you get there, be ready to bribe the door guys, and be ready to hang with the riff-raff of Vegas.   The address is 1514 Western Ave., Las Vegas, NV.

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