Jodie Sweetin Sex Tape

During the Bob Saget Roast, I heard someone took a shot at the Full House co-stars who played Saget’s daughters.   They said that Jodie Sweetin being a meth addict made her the normal one, when compared to a “Jesus freak” and a “vagina on a stick”.   Saget was not amused, and he made it clear that the joke wasn’t funny.   Say what you will about the mindless television Bob Saget was an accessory to, the guy shows class when he needs to.

With all the hype around the Olson twins, I had started to wonder what happened to Jodie Sweetin, who played the middle daughter, Stephanie Tanner, on Full House.   Well, it ends up that for a while she was a full druggie.   But she has hopefully pulled herself out of that mess, for which she deserves a lot of credit.

Now she is trying to pull her career together.   Not an easy task.   For starters, I’m not even sure she can act.   I don’t know of anyone who tuned into Full House to see good acting.   Hell, even the adults on the show couldn’t act.   When you’re a kid with a catch phrase (I seem to remember that hers was “How rude!”) and your show leads into the show with Urkel, you’re not considered a big acting talent.

I mean, sure we all know who she is.   She is bigger than the girl who played Kimmy Gibler (how obnoxious was that girl!), but still, no one really cares.   Unlike the Olson twins, she didn’t have genius parents, or an identical twin, to help make a billion dollars before she could legally drive.

But now it seems that she is getting divorced for a second time. Her first marriage was to Shaun Holguin, a LAPD officer, or a firefighter, depending on what site you get your info.   She married Shaun when she was only 20.

But she divorced Shaun and went on to marry Cody Herpin.   But now it looks like she is divorcing him as well.   She walked out on Cory, who I guess decided to quit his job and live off his out of work actress wife, and she took their daughter with.

Juding from the pictures I’ve seen of this guy, I just can’t help but wonder if we’re going to see a Jodi Sweetin sex tape pop up.   And if so, is that a bad thing for her career?   I guess it would depend on what type of career she was hoping for.   She could go the route of the sex tape girls that came before her.   But I’m guessing Jodi may want something a bit more.   Not that everyone doesn’t think Paris Hilton is the most talented person in Hollywood.

Whatever the outcome, I really do hope to see more of Sweetin.   I don’t mean that in a nude way, I mean it in a “I hope she gets a good job soon” way.   But I do admit, I’d watch the second tape.   How rude!


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