Cody Herpin

Cody Herpin is the soon-to-be ex-husband of Jodie Sweetin.   You may remember Jodie as Stephanie “How rude” Tanner from Full House.   Can you believe that show just ended in 1995?   When did John Stamos lose the mullet?  

Anyhow, Herpin (who is husband #2, after Shaun Holguin) says he’s really surprised that Jodie Sweetin left him, and took their daughter.   Jodie Sweetin says that Coy Herpin didn’t have a job and was just leaching off her.   Anyhow, this leads me to my big Jodie Sweetin sex tape conspiracy that I posted.  

I just can’t help be think that some dude with no job, being dumped by his C-list celebrity girlfriend may have a sex tape hidden away for a rainy day.   I guess we’ll find out when it hits the fan in divorce court.  

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