Tommy Bahama Cafe in Town Square Review Las Vegas

I first noticed the Tommy Bahama Cafe when they were still working constructing it.   My girlfriend and I came to Town Square from Mandalay Bay to see a movie at the Rave Cinema there.  

I was pretty excited to try the place out, but it hadn’t opened yet.   Fortunately we were back in town a few weeks later, and it was open for business.   The menu is short, but diverse.   I ordered up a the Cowboy steak.  

I have to say that the steak at Tommy Bahama’s Cafe was in the top 5 for the steak houses I have been to.   And I have been to a lot of steak house.   The funny thing is, Tommy Bahama Cafe is not a steakhouse.   So, it’s the #1 steak I have ever had from a non-steak house, which is pretty darn good.

The coconut shrimp is also great to try.   And all the deserts are fantastic.  

Give this place a try, I’m sure you’ll like it.

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