SplashID for iPhone – Review

This may be a little redundant with 1Password, but I like SpalshID for keeping my non-password data.   I used SpalshID when I used to use Treos, and it was useful, but i never really fully loaded them up with my data.   Those days are gone with the iPhone.   SplashID now contains all sorts of data that I’m always kicking myself for not having.   When I call my insurance company and they ask for my policy number, I have it.   When they ask for my VIN, I have it.   When my girlfriend wants me to deposit a check into her account, I have it on my phone.   When I need the PIN for one of my 8 credit cards, I have it.   When I go to Barnes and Noble and they ask me for my club card number, I got that.   You get the picture.  

As I mentioned, 1Password can do these things, but I had already purchased SpalshID when 1Password came out.   And honestly, I like the separation of the two items.   There are nicer looking apps for this purpose than SpalshID.   SplashID is not going to win any beauty contest for it’s UI, but it’s fast and simple to use and syncs quickly with the desktop app.   SplashID is another must have app for the iPhone.

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