Apple Put Me to Sleep

In all fairness, I had read the day before from analysts that Apple’s “Let’s Rock” even was going to be “underwhelming”, but wow was it boring.

So, to go down the list, we have a new iPod Nano.   I’m not really digging the new design.   I think anyone sticking with a Nano is doing so for the small size.   Why make it longer for the sake of being able to tilt it?   Who wants to tilt a Nano?   The color additions are nice, but I doubt anyone will no rush out and buy one since it now comes in Orange.

Then we have the new iPod Touch… No real surprises here either.   We have the phone-less iPhone with the same new lines as the iPhone 3G.   I didn’t expect them to do much with this, but they shouldn’t make a big deal of it either.

iPod Classic now comes only in 120 gigs, which is kinda cool since it can be a nice portable hard drive as well.   I think adding some sort of back up system in iTunes to work with this would make it a bit more compelling.   I use mine in my car.

New earbuds, including an in-ear model.   Could be cool, but we’ll see if they surpass the Eytomics.  

The there is the new iTunes “Genius”, which is just Apple’s way of “helping” me find more music on iTunes.   So far this has been pretty unimpressive as well.

Where are the computers?   New laptops, new iMacs, and for god’s sake after 2 years, where is the new Cinema Display?  

I have had my laptop for 2 years, which is crazy.   I’m ready to upgrade to something new and exciting, as soon as Apple makes me something new and exciting.   How about pumping up the power (and pump down the price) in the MacBook Air?   Or maybe release that tablet you have been working on.  

Even my friend Megan is wanting a new laptop.   Her Macbook crashed a couple months ago, and she is waiting for Apple to make something compelling enough for her to drop some hard earned cash on a shinny new Macbook.  

So Mr. Jobs, give us a new lineup. Don’t just pop in a new Intel chip and bigger hard drive, give us something amazing and we’ll line your pockets with our money.   Here is a hint, you make a super cool tablet, I’ll be getting a new iMac to go with it.

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