1Password for iPhone – Review


1Password is yet another device that changed my life.   I live a good part of my professional, and personal life online.   I have passwords for at least 5 different email addresses, 3 blogs, my social networks (youtube, myspace, facebook, socialthing, flickr, etc…) and plenty of online apps.   I had the bad habit of using a handful of password for everything.  

I could have created a simple spreadsheet and locked it up on my machine, but I was always worried about what would happen if my machine was lost or died on me.   That would mean having to recover hundreds of password, which is no fun.  

And despite my lack of security standards, often I would find myself forgetting passwords and having to go through the overly complex password recovery protocols of various websites.   It got to the point where I was actually a little gun shy of going to some websites because I’m not sure I remembered my password.

1Password changed all that.   Now with a simple click I can log into websites faster than ever before.   No stress about my MySpace account having the same password as my Paypal account, or having to remember which password I used on a forum somewhere.  

And best of all everything is saved on my iPhone.   1Password protects my data behind a password that then lets me unlock my websites right from it’s internal bookmarking system.   SO not only are the sites more secure for me, but if set up properly, I can access my sites without a strong password.   1Password is another must have application for both the Mac and iPhone.


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