Shorts You can Swim In Coming Soon from Orlebar Brown

orelbar brown shorts you can swim in

Orlebar Brown has been designing comfortable, and fashionable, men’s swimwear based out of London since 2007. One of their mottos is, “shorts you can swim in’, offering something you can wear on the beach, by the pool and then smart enough to go and have a drink or lunch”. In addition to their extravagant bottoms, they design and sell t-shirt, accessories, outerwear, sweats, trousers, jackets, footwear, etc. All of which can be viewed on their website.

Adam Brown, founder of Orlebar Brown, was highly influenced by the 1960’s era, and the Palm Beach style.  Esquire explains how “the brand’s secret was to adapt the patterns used for tailored pants—with as many as 17 separate pieces, including four separate shaped pieces in the waistband. The range has since expanded to a full-fledged collection for resorts and beyond”.

But recently, Orlebar gave us a pleasing twist to their already fantastic designs and creations – James Bond inspired swim shorts. The first series of Orlebar Brown and Eon Productions ‘James Bond’ short line has been released. Four swim shorts are now available for purchase on their website for $395 a pair. Each piece of clothing features a different piece of poster art from the Bond movies: ‘Dr. No, Thunderball’, ‘You Only Live Twice’, and ‘Live and Let Die’.

The Dr. No Mid-Length Swim Shorts feature a Bond beach scene, which was used for promotional purposes during the movies release. The Thunderball Mid-Length Swim Shorts are exclusive edition, “depicting underwater illustration from the Thunderball film poster features Sean Connery with a speargun in hand, fighting a SPECTRE agent”. Third in the series are the You Only Live Twice Mid-Length Swim Shorts. These shorts are very colorful, filled with a picture of Bond piloting an autogyro dubbed ‘Little Nellie’ while being pursued by SPECTRE helicopters. Las, but definitely not least are the Live and Let Die Mid-Length Swim Shorts, of the Live and Let Die chase scene.

If that is not enough to entice you, Daniel Craig rock a pair of OB shorts in ‘Skyfall”, which aided in the consistent popularity of OB’s brand. Pictures can be viewed under the James Bond section of the websites of models in the exclusive collection. Admittingly, they look phenomenal. Shorts also come with double buckles on each side.

Other swim shorts on the OB site go from $75 and up; clearly worth the price. Their new Summer Collection is also worth a look, after you bask in awe at the insanely creative wearable art pieces under the Bond tab. Don’t forget to stop by the kids section so you can take on the beaches and pools, matching with your younger children, family members, etc.

Orlebar Brown also has a Design Your Own tab! Not only can you wear your own unique design out this Summer, but you can do it in the comfortability of OB. The design your own option is only available online, but you can check the website to see if there is a store near you in the U.S. The U.K, France, Germany, and Australia websites and locations can also be viewed by clicking the flag at the top left hand corner of the website.

Don’t miss out on purchasing your own piece of Bond’s exclusive series. Be sure to check out the rest of OB’s website collection for comfortable swim, and daily wear, for the rest of your Summer.

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