If you’re in need of some marijuana or simply want to learn about it, Seth Rogen is your guy. Entertainment Weekly reported that the This Is The End director will be launching his very own Canada-based marijuana company, Houseplant, alongside filmmaking partner Evan Goldberg.

Rogan offered a glimpse of the newly founded company on Wednesday, posting photos on Instagram of a warehouse full of weed plants and printed packaging. Rogen has been working on this new marijuana company for five years, according to his announcement.

“I’ve been working hard on Houseplant for five years,” Rogen wrote. “I can’t believe we’re actually launching. What a time.”

Not only will it focus on producing new strains and products, it also plans to educate users on the different types of strains, how to ingest it and even how to roll a blunt. Once you have entered your age information, three 80s-inspired videos are available that teach you about marijuana and the company’s branding.

“We have a moral obligation to build an industry that commits to changing the injustices that continue to exist,” the website says. “We are committed to working closely with other industry leaders, legal teams, politicians, and non-profits to help those negatively impacted or convicted by minor, non-harmful cannabis acts.”

Currently, the Houseplant website has one weed product for sale, which is a sativa strain, but will be introducing indica and hybrid strains soon. While it is only available in British Columbia right now, the company says it will expand with legal retailers.

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