Scottsdale Independent Escort

scottsdale independent escort

When I wrote my post about married men and prostitutes, I followed it up with a post about Scottsdale escorts, and put some thought into why the area has such a high amount of prostitution.

I of course made sure to include Phoenix escorts into the mix, as girl working as a Scottsdale escort is likely to be working as a Phoenix escort.   I even got some feedback from someone with a suggestion as to why it’s such a hub for prostitution.  

The commenter confirmed what we might already suspect.   We are seeing such activity in the area due to the draw of travel and retirement of men with disposable income.   They come to Phoenix and Scottsdale to golf and relax.   Maybe their wives hang out at the spa while their husbands go out for a while.   Of course where their husbands go might surprise them.   Maybe they visit the Phoenix strip clubs, like the famous Hilighter.

But one things for certain, the professional escort, a Scottsdale Independent escort who works outside an agency, and advertises through websites, is possibly doing very well.   A Scottsdale independent escort will charge an average of $300 – $500 per hour, and possibly see a few clients per day.   They often meet these clients at hotels, although some of the Scottsdale independent escorts do offer in call service, which means they provide a (hopefully) safe and clean location to conduct their business.

A Scottsdale independent escort does not usually have a pimp, or handler, they usually handle their own business.   I do know if it’s any safer, but I do think it’s better in than at least there isn’t some guy making money off the girl.


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