Goldvish Equilibrium

Goldvish Equilibrium Luxury Mobile Phone

I think I have gone on record enough with these luxury mobile phones to let people know where I stand.   I have no problem with insanely expensive phones with solid gold trim and precious stones.   But I do have an issue with crappy phones.   And unfortunately those two things seem to go together.   The latest example is the Goldvish Equilibrium, which with the exception of one feature, I don’t get the point.

Once again we have a phone with specs that fall significantly short of the iPhone, but they cover it gold, which is pretty useless, especially if you upgrade your phone as much as I do.

The one saving feature to this phone, and something I wish Apple would consider adding to the iPhone, is the dual SIM slots, which the company says can provide you with two numbers.   I’m more interested in using the dual SIMs to allow me to make calls on two different networks.   Let’s say AT&T is not getting good coverage (I know, when does that ever happen, right?), then I could switch up to Verizon.   Combine that idea with Google Voice and you can have the phone ring on both numbers, and accept the call on the best connection.

Of course this is a tricky workaround, and not one I expect to see Apple really embrace.   It would just be nice if the mobile carriers would work.   But it’s at least one feature the Goldvish  Equilibrium  above the iPhone.   Everything else appears to fall way short.


  1. nice to be able in this day and age to buy a mobile like this Goldvish, so sad after all that money you are not hapy with it, just try with the rest of us a simple mobile and I am sure you will be very happy and have more in your pocket for the gas to put in your jet to fly from Baja to Vegas.

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