Scottsdale Call Girls

Scottsdale Call girls

I have been writing about Phoenix escorts, including the Scottsdale escort and Scottsdale Independent escort, but I started to wonder if there is a difference between a Scottsdale escort and Scottsdale call girls.  

I guess when you think about the words themselves, an escort implies that maybe this person will escort you out for the evening, where as a call girl certainly implies more of a sexual favors for money type thing, like a prostitute or hooker.

We have already talked about why men in Phoenix and Scottsdale get so many call girls and escorts, and it seems very possible that since Arizona State University (ASU) is so filled with hot young women, this is why there are so many Scottsdale call girls.   I can’t help but wonder what the local Phoenix wives must think when they find their credit card receipt and see some suspicious activity that ends up being payment for a Scottsdale call girl.   Are they surprised, or do they suspect this behavior?

Phoenix strip clubs are known for having extremely hot women, so I can’t help but wonder how many of these call girls and escorts come from the strip club world.   I mean, eventually I’m sure someone makes an offer for cash and they consider it.   It’s not like they are working a pole for their love of see-through high heels.

And I wonder if there are independent Scottsdale escorts, or if they all work for agencies?   It seems like it should be no different than independent escorts in Scottsdale.

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