Ryan Bailey wanted to get laid desperately

South Bend, IN — Thirty-two year-old Ryan Bailey wanted to rape someone the night of April 26, 2008. He settled on deciding to rape an Amish girl. When he couldn’t find one, he instead chose to rape a 29 year-old Amish man that he saw riding a bicycle on the side of the road. Now, how you go from wanting to rape a girl to sexually assaulting a guy is beyond me. He told the Amish man that he couldn’t find a girl, so the man “would have to do.”

Bailey and the Amish man had never met before, so it wasn’t a personal grudge. Additionally, the Amish man was unable to identify Bailey other than a general description and saying he had “angry eyes.” Even with this lack of description, police were able to track Bailey down by making a positive DNA match from the sample taken from the victim. Bailey has a long rap sheet, including driving under the influence of alcohol, various meth charges and domestic violence.

Bailey was arrested on November 5, and charged with confinement with a deadly weapon, being a habitual offender and criminal deviate behavior. He is being held on a $200,000 bail. I would hope his victim is recovering as well as he can for someone so trusting who was violated so senselessly.

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