Rosemary Kunz is one wicked step-mother

Rosemary Kunz is a pretty woman. Pretty, but deadly. She has three children, two of whom are her natural children and one son, “Boo-boo Boy” who is the child of her husband, Shane Lewis. Supposedly, Lewis did not know what kind of monster his wife is.

In Fort Myers, Florida, a two year old was brought into the emergency room with severe injuries and in critical condition. Kunz brought him to the emergency room because he would not wake up when she hit him. The long term prognosis is not clear for the boy, whose name has not been released. However, he does have severe brain injuries and his little body is covered with bruises and bite marks.

Rosemary Kunz freely admitted that she is addicted to abusing the child. She claims that her husband was not aware of what she was doing because he works fourteen hours a day. If the father noticed marks on the boy, she brushed it off by saying he fell down a lot. What she neglected to tell her husband is that the child fell a lot because she pushed him or kicked his feet out from under him. DFC is not sure of the father’s innocence and has removed the other two children from the home while they are investigating.

Rosemary Kunz is in the Lee County Jail on two hundred and fifty thousand dollars bail. She is facing child abuse charges with other charges pending and is scheduled to be arraigned on November 12, 2008.

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