Under is about to become the first underwater restaurant in Europe, which officially began taking online reservations for dates beginning April of 2019. Diners at the beautiful underwater restaurant are encouraged to plan a 3.5-4 hour duration to enjoy the full experience with their meal. Seasonal dishes are carefully prepared under the eye of chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard. Those interested in enjoying Under’s breathtaking views will need to act fast, as several available dates are already forming waitlists.

Chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard

Under was established on a barge off the coast of Båly on Norway’s southernmost shore during the first half of 2018. Containers filled with water were placed inside the structure in July, which was further submerged beneath the North Sea to a depth of sixteen feet. Forbes reports eighteen anchoring points secured Under to the sea floor, where it has been sitting for the past several months. Under is not completely ‘under’ either, half of it sits above the surface, similar to a bobbing ice cube.

The restaurant’s walls are three feet thick and specifically designed to resist the pressure and shocks of marine environment. In fact, Snøhetta, the architectural brains behind Under, is extremely confident in its design that it chose to place it under waters that are known to be harsh. “The most exciting experience will be visiting the restaurant during rough weather,” explains Rune Grasdal, a senior architect at Snøhetta. “It will be fantastic to see the sea surface broken up by the big waves and the rain, making for a very dramatic view.” He also noted Under’s faintly curved shape assists in minimizing wave impact, while the entire structure was designed with Norway’s wind and wave in consideration.

Under features three distinct levels, with the top level being the entrance and wardrobe area. The middle level features a champagne bar and the lowest level is home to the dining room, which contains two long dining tables, several smaller tables and capacity of eight to one hundred guests.

All tables located in the restaurant offer stunning views of the main panoramic window that measures thirty-six feet wide by thirteen feet high. Snøhetta installed lighting on the inside of the restaurant and on the seabed itself to further showcase the magnificent aquatic life nearby. Not only will Under serve as a gorgeous restaurant in Norway, but also as a research center for marine biologists and other researchers that study the same underwater wildlife.

“The visual identity [of Under] is based upon our overall concept, immerse,” Snøhetta Design’s managing director Martin Gran told Forbes. “Visitors will be given a story about marine biodiversity and the Norwegian coast, weaving the narrative of the site into the overall restaurant experience.”

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