Oprah to Unveil the Kindle 2.0

There is a big video promo on Amazon.com for Oprah to reveal her new favorite gadget this Friday.   Since Oprah is a big name for book endorsements, and I can’t think of any other good reason Amazon would be promoting The Oprah Winfrey Show, I’m guessing this may be where we see the release of the new Amazon.com Kindle 2.0.  

The new Kindle is supposed to be smaller and a little nicer styled than the current 1.0 model.   Personally, I like the idea of Kindle, but the price point at $400, now $350, has been way to high for me to try it out.   If these come down to a more reasonable price point of under $200, I’m in.  

It does seem obvious to me that the Kindle is at least representative of the future of books.   Digital delivery on a compact device would be a huge benefit for all book readers, but especially students.

Check out the video here:



  1. I watched the Oprah show and she said the kimble could be bought for 200 plus dollars. that was a lie, it is closer to 400/ Hate not believing anything anybody say. Arlene

  2. @arlene Oprah did have coupon code that knocked $50 off the price. That brings the price to about $300. But either way, I wouldn’t buy one these Christmas. How it’s tempting, the new model comes out “early Q1 of 2009”. And I’m guessing it may be a little cheaper.

    Thanks for your comment.

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