Eastwood’s Next Masterpiece

“Ever notice when you come across a guy every once and a while you shouldn’t have messed with?   That’s me.”.  That’s how the exclusive trailer for Clint Eastwood’s new movie Gran Torino begins.   It’s a line that tops the famous, but never actually said, “Do you feel luck punk?”.  

There has been talk about this being Dirty Harry 6, but this move is really about a guy named Walt Kowalski who lives alone in a part of the city that has gone to crap, his kids are trying to put him a retirement home, and he has a new Asian family living next door.

The action comes when an Asian gang tries to recruit the teenage neighbor, and a friendship begins when Eastwood intervenes on the boy’s behalf.  

The name Gran Torino is from Walt’s classic 70’s car, which he appears to keep very tidy.   It’s the kind of ride Harry Callahan would have enjoyed.  

The film also stars Gossip Girl’s Dreama Walker, presumably as Walt’s granddaughter Ashley Kowalski.  

After watching the trailer at Apple, I have to say that I’m glad this is not Dirty Harry 6.   Gran Torino looks a lot better than any Dirty Harry film I could have imagined.   The intensity of each of the scenes in the trailer make this look a lot more intelligent than a typical vigilante movie has ever been.   It looks to go beyond the typical “average guy pushed to far”, and more about a complexed character who has always been a bit of a bad ass, on his final years.  It’s weird to hear Clint Eastwood actually say “Get off my lawn!”

To quote Jon Stewart, when Clint Eastwood appeared on his show to promote The Changling, “You don’t do crap”. I agree with that statement 100%.   Eastwood as a director has become a brand.   Each of his films have a feel that shows rare care and craftsmanship.   My favorite so far is still A Perfect World, although I haven’t seen The Changling   or Gran Torino yet.

Gran Torino has a release date of December 17, 2008.   After that Eastwood is releasing The Human Factor, a film about Nelson Mandela after his release.   It stars Matt Damon, and Morgan Freeman, presumably as Mandela (this already smells like an Oscar).   How does one guy pump out such great films?

Check out the trailer here.


  1. Wow, what a great trailer! I kind of feel sorry for the gang because old Mr. Kowalski is going to fuck them up. He will show them what it truly means to be a bad ass and not just a young punk. I would not be surprised if Clint Eastwood gets nominated for this roll. I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

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