Michael Heart – Worth a Listen

Every now and then I stumble across a new musician that I get excited about.   It usually happens in connection with another musician.   For example, I discovered Material Issue at the Taste of Chicago, opening for The Replacements.   I discovered Matt the Electrician at the Saxon Pub, opening for Bob Schneider.   And now I discovered Michael Heart from a post on Jude Cole’s MySpace page.

For those who don’t know Jude Cole, you’re definitely missing out.   But Jude has not put out an album in about 5 years, so I’m always checking back to see if he has anything new.   While checking Jude’s MySpace page, I noticed a post from Michael Heart, asking Jude to check out his page.   I’m always up for checking out a new artist, so I gave it a listen.  

Ten minutes later I was happily downloading Michael Hearts’ self named CD from iTunes.   It was a great idea for Michael to post to Jude Cole’s MySpace page.   Not only did it get some notice, but he has an incredibly similar sound to Jude Cole, especially early Jude Cole.   This may be due to the fact that they are both L.A. musicians, although according to Michael’s bio, he was raised all over the world.

Songs like “I Don’t Want This Love” sound like a great combo of Jude Cole and Bryan Adams.  And all the tracks really show some great guitar work.  

If you’re into good rock, like Bryan Adams, Jude Cole, and Lifehouse, you should give Michael Heart a listen.  I’m so excited about this new CD that I’ll send it as a gift through iTunes to the person that posts the best comment here after listening to some of his songs at his site, www.michaelheart.com.

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