Lindsey Evans Losses Crown

Lindsey Evans, the Miss Teen Louisiana is losing her crown 11 days ahead of schedule.   This comes after Lindsey and some friends tried to dine and dash on a $46 check.   But keeping to the IQ requirements of Miss Teen contestants, Lindsey Evans left behind her pocket book, which also contained her stash of weed.

I have to be honest, I don’t think this is that big of a deal.   I know they have to take away the crown because Lindsey Evans is not living up to the role model status she committed to being.   But I can’t see why there would be any big shame for this girl.   She is behaving the way most 18 year old girls behave.  

I find it more disturbing that she can’t even pull off a simple dine and dash without major screw ups.  

Don’t fret Lindsey, you’re still hot, and now you have some Internet fame.   Good luck, and I look forward to the Lindsey Evans sex video tape.

And Miss Teen South Carolina, I look forward to your Republican Vice Presidential nomination.  

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