Natalie Dylan Virginity Auction Rises

The 22-year-old woman auctioning off her virginity says the auction has now gone up to millions.   $3.7 – $7 million, depending on who you ask.   Either way, that’s a whole lot of money.

Natalie Dylan says she got the idea from her sister, who paid for her entire college education by working as a prostitute for 3 weeks.   Natalie says she is doing this to simply pay for her masters degree.

At this point  the amount is high enough that Natalie would never need to work a day in her life, so I’m curious if she actually goes to college after the deed.   At a price in the millions, Natalie would be the most expensive lay in history, with the exception of certain ex-wives who built in lucrative back-end deals.  

Some news anchors have been pretty harsh in talking about Natalie Dylan.   I guess it makes them feel better about themselves to put down someone who’s not breaking the law, but doesn’t fit their “moral” code.  

I for one applaud Natalie.   As a big fan of the Four Hour Work Week, Natalie is really on track.   I don’t see her needing to put more than 2 hours into this.  

I can only imagine what nude photos of Natalie Dylan will be fetching from Playboy or Penthouse.   Or perhaps we’ll see a a Natalie Dylan sex tape or her performance.   That may be why the price is so high…

Either way, I feel silly for just giving mine away.


  1. I heard about this a few months ago, I'm surprised she still has settled on a suitable suitor yet. I wonder what she's waiting for. 7 million seems like more than enough to me. I wonder if we'll know the final price tag once she does get an acceptable offer.

  2. With the economy tanking, you would think she would jump a the $7 million now. You never know when the market for hot virgins may take a hit. At this price point, we should start seeing a greater supply to meet the demand.

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