Charris Bowers is a biter

Deltona, FL— Charris Bowers, 27, bit her husband’s genitals last Friday evening while having sexual relations with her husband, Delou Bowers. When Delou Bowers attempted to stop his wife from the attack, she continued the attack. According to Delou the attack was unforeseen and completely unwarranted. In self defense, Delou hit his wife in the head and managed to free himself from her painful grip. Charris offered two different accounts of the incident, both of which revealed very little remorse for the event.

First, Charris asserted that she was home, resting on the living room couch when Delou walked up to her and forced his genitals into her mouth for no apparent reason. Charris further argued that she was only biting Delou to get his genitals away from her as quickly as possible. The second account offered included the explanation that Delou, while nude, and she simply bit his genitals. Charris further asserted that she did not want to have sexual relations with Delou. Delou had his injured genitals photographed, his wife was arrested this past Saturday, and she was charged with a misdemeanor. Charris was later released without the need for bail posting.

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