Did Byron Drennan kill his wife?

New York State Police arrested Bryon Drennan, 36, on charges of murdering his wife. Drennan’s mother had previously called the police to report that her son and his wife of one month were missing, but Drennan returned to their home later that day and said that everything was fine (the couple lived in Drennan’s mother’s home). His 28-year-old wife, Stefanie Casey, was just making a holiday visit to family in Texas, so Drennan had driven her to the airport, he said.

Suspicion against Drennon surfaced when local residents called the police to report something unusual happening at the home. Residents said they had observed strange events involving a maroon PT Cruiser. One caller reported seeing a man carrying a white trash bag into the woods, and so the caller sent her son out to investigate. Her son found bloody clothes in the bag.

Police soon took Drennan in for questioning, where he confessed that he had beaten his wife with a barbell plate and stabbed her with a wooden heart. He claimed she was still conscious when he left her, but he didn’t say where. According to State Police Maj. Mark Koss, Drennan “made verbal admissions but he would not divulge where the assault took place or what time.” Drennan is currently being held without bail at Wayne County Jail. Police later found an unidentified body buried under rocks near Lake Ontario, believed to be that of the missing woman.

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