Lt. Jeff Braley catches Christopher Sefakis twice

Hamilton Twp, OH— Christopher Sefakis, 41, got into some legal difficulties last year when he was caught chatting with what he believed was a 15-year-old male. In reality, Sefakis was actually having a chat session with Lieutenant Jeff Braley from the Hamilton Township Police Department. Seemingly, Sefakis didn’t learn much from the event; in December of 2007, Sefakis was caught trying to chat with a 15-year-old male and to set up a meeting for a “relationship.” In 2008, he, once again, did the same thing and believed he was communicating with a fifteen year old. He was actually dealing with the same police officer that caught him the year prior.

During the 2007 incident, once the “plans” were set, Sefakis was arrested, convicted, and received a five-day jail sentence as well as three years probation. Sefakis was also ordered to register himself as a sex offender. Then, on December 23, 2008, Sefakis registered with the Warren County Sherriff’s Office as a sex offender. A half hour later, Sefakis was back on the Internet looking for underage males. Sefakis winded up chatting with the same officer that was responsible for his initial arrest; another 30 minutes past after contact was made, and Sefakis was again arrested. He is presently facing fifth-degree felony charges of attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

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