World’s Most Expensive Smartwatch at $180,000

Tag Heuer created the world’s most expensive smartwatch that costs $180,000. The watch is covered in 589 diamonds which is most likely the reason behind the heavy price tag. Tag Heuer itself, posted an image of the watch on Instagram and wrote: “Made of white gold, and 589 VVS baguette size diamonds, the new 23.35 carat TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 represents an original and luxurious concept, never before seen in the world of connected watches. The world’s most expensive connected watch.”

The Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Full Diamond smartwatch definitely jumped the price range from the company’s standard Connected Modular 45 smartwatch, which starts at a price of $1,200. The standard version doesn’t feature any diamonds, but it comes in a variety of color bands including red, black, leather and navy blue.

Tag Heuer Standard Connect Modular 45 Smartwatch

Tag Heuer advertises the smartwatch as “Modular and customizable, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular reinvents the connected watch. It combines the Craftsmanship and excellence of Swiss watchmaking with edge-cutting technology and exceptional performance. Incomparable design and fine materials for a product that is unique – just like you.”

The full-diamond smartwatch contains a removable, scratch-resistant and sapphire crystal module. The pair of lugs each consist of 16 diamonds and are finished with polished white gold. The strap features 495 diamonds while the bezel holds 78.

The AMOLED display screen is 45 millimeters and has a touch display with 400×400 screen resolution. To compare the great resolution, Samsung uses a 360×360 on its Galaxy Watch and Apple uses 312×390 resolution for its Apple Watch. The Connected Modular 45 Full Diamond smartwatch holds 512 MB of memory, which is actually a smaller amount of storage compared to Apple’s 8GB watch and is the same amount of memory as the Samsung Galaxy.

The smartwatch runs on Android 4.4 or iOS 9.3 according to the website meaning the 45 Full Diamond is compatible with both Android phones, excluding the Go edition, and iOS 9.3 or later versions. The watch is also equipped with WiFi, Google Fit Workout app installed for workouts, email, GPS, Android Pay (similar to Apple Pay), and several apps such as Spotify and Netflix. The watch even has Google Assistant, which is similar to Apple’s Siri, that you can talk to with the watch’s microphone, according to CNBC.

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