Robb Report teased the news of Macallan’s Genesis Decanter Whiskey several months ago, but now it is finally here. In celebration of the opening of its modern new distillery and visitor center, the Macallan will be unveiling the Genesis Decanter this month. At the age of 72, this one in particular, is the oldest whiskey the company has ever bottled.

Each Lalique decanter runs for $65,000 featuring a handblown bottle and designed to reflect the news distillery’s flowing rooflines, inspired by the surrounding gentle Speyside hills. Although the Lalique Genesis Decanter is not the most expensive bottle, the whiskey is the oldest that the distillery has ever sold. The most expensive bottle of Macallan is the 60-year-old 1926 Macallan that was auctioned by Bonhams Hong Kong for $1,100,000 in May of 2018. There are only 600 decanters that will be available worldwide and only 156 of those will be allocated for the United States.

Macallan’s Genesis Decanter was produced just after the end of World War II. Many other distilleries were halted due to the necessary wartime diversion, according to Robb Report, while Macallan’s was still producing its whiskey. Every aspect of the bottle looks appealing, but does the 72-year-old whiskey meet the expectations as far as taste goes?

The whiskey over time muted from its original deep brownish-red to a deceptively light, golden-amber color. It’s refreshing aroma arises scents of citrus and green apples, with a very little hint of raisins.


As the whiskey went into the barrel, the Macallan was still in the process of drying malted barley over peat fires. In result, the touch of smoke intermingles with the other flavors, presenting a sweet oak and rich fruit taste.

Master distiller Nick Savage says, “Although delicate throughout all aspects, it provides an intense experience.”

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