Most Expensive Car Crash

Most expensive car crash ever? Probably not but this is what happens when you get a blonde behind the wheel of a $370,000 Bentley.

So imagine leaving your $207,000 Aston Martin Rapide with valet while you go through a few dollars around on a casino floor at Monaco’s Place du Casino. A few hours and a few hundred (or thousand) dollars later you head back to valet only to realize your car has been smashed along with three other very expensive cars.

A French woman did just that. She unintentionally played bumper cars with a few innocent by standards and wracked a 1 million dollar car accident. The blonde, and her two passangers, were enjoying a nice afternoon driving around the parking lot at Monaco’s Place du Casino when she scraped her $370,000 Bentley Azure against a $111,000 white Mercedes S Class. She then proceeded to plough into a black Ferrari F 430. After which she also ran into a $118,000 Porsche 911 and a $207,000 Aston Martin Rapide.

The driver and her two passengers were unable to escape the wreckage because they were unable to open the doors. They remained in the vehicle while hundreds of tourists circled the scene gawking and snapping pictures. The poor girl must have been mortified. I can only imagine what was going through her head as she was playing pin ball with the cars. A little déjà vu maybe?

While the total of all the cars equaled over $1 million the cost of the repairs is expected to only be about $60,000. It will still be a memorable insurance claim.

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