Miracle on Flight 1549

US Airway Flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson shortly after 3pm according to the FAA.   Thankfully, and miraculously everyone, including one baby, are safe.   The injuries seems limited to a flight attendant with a fractured arm, and a handful of people with hypothermia.  

Witnesses say the plane crashed almost as smooth as a landing.   The A320 had just taken off from Laguardia airport in route to Charlotte.   Flight 1549 was only in the air about 7 minutes before crashing.  

It sounds like the pilot did an excellent job.   If you’re going to crash, it’s great to do so with injury.   Congrats to everyone aboard US Airways flight 1549 on being one of the few to walk away from a plane accident.   Now go buy some lotto tickets.

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